Intraday Tips: RELCAPITAL

Reliance Capital

Stay above 809 for 5 min from now…

so buy and stay for targets 824-827

and if stay above 825 for 5 min

so wait for targets 834-844 Positional & Intraday

If not stay above 808, so don’t wait exit from it

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Intraday Stock Newsletter: Buy ABB

Just Buy ABB at 942-944.5

The target of the days are 955-958 and 976-985

If crash 941 below and stay for don’t wait exit from it!

Otherwise just start cont money it’s a big money munch..!

more details at exect time & exect level & daily stock views and newsletters to our subscribers only

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Economy News: JSW Steel Stock Info

TOKYO: India’s third largest steelmaker JSW Steel Ltd. is in talks with to take a stake in the Japanese firm in a bid to strengthen their ties, a report said on Monday.

Sajjan Jindal, vice chairman and managing director of JSW, told the Nikkei business daily that his company aims to hold an interest of less than five per cent in the JFE Holdings Inc. unit within one to two years.

The two companies have already begun talks on the planned capital investment, Jindal said, adding that JFE Steel said it was ready to accept JSW’s offer.

Talks are also covering technological assistance in such fields as steel sheets used in electrical equipment, Jindal said, adding that JSW may boost its production capacity by forming a joint venture with JFE.


JFE Steel, the nation’s second-largest steelmaker, declined to confirm the report, saying in a statement: “Nothing has been decided on this issue.”

The firms formed an alliance in November 2009, with JFE spending around 90 billion yen (1.1 million dollars) to buy a stake of just under 15 per cent of JSW and agreeing to provide technology for auto steel sheets and steel mills.

Through the capital investment, JFE plans to boost ties with JSW and expand businesses in , where demand for crude steel is expanding rapidly.

JSW currently has a crude steel output capacity of 7.8 million tons a year, but plans to more than quadruple this to 32 million tons by 2020 through the expansion of current facilities and by building new mills in the states of West Bengal and Jharkhand.

The Indian steelmaker will spend four billion dollars to fire up the West Bengal mill by 2014 with annual production capacity of five million tonnes.

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Plan a trade and trade a plan

trade plan

Without doubt, no trader will last long if he doesn’t plan ever trade. But there is absolutely no point in making a plan for a trade if you are not disciplined enough to follow it.

A plan should cater for every eventuality. As Richard Dennis (Turtle fame) said, ”Don’t worry about the prices are going. Worry about what you are going to do when they get there.”

Thinks about what is being said here. Once you put your money down on a trade you cannot control the prices. So stop worrying about what could happen and concentrate on you trigger points and what you will do when these points are violates. By doing this your trading stops being emotional and now becomes very sysrematic and stress free.

There may never be a better time to invest in junior gold miners

Never Good Time

With the price of gold as it is, penny share miners cannot believe their luck. Previous cycles have gone something like this: the gold price rises; opportunists take the chance to raise cash to go gold prospecting; they spend the cash on geological surveys, rock sampling and some exploratory drilling. Then, by the time they have found some gold, its price has subsided. Nobody is interested, and they cannot raise the money to get any further.

This time it is different. Not only is the gold price high, but many of the world’s biggest gold miners have given up on the struggle of finding new reserves. Instead they are relying on buying into the discoveries made by small adventurers.

Mine construction needs finance, but today the chances of attracting a rich big brother have never been better. In addition, the financial forecasts look rosy. Most gold projects launched two to four years ago assumed a gold price of $650-$850 per oz. At that level, all things being equal, they would be a commercial proposition and yield a decent profit.

But changes to the gold price make little difference to the cost of developing a mine. Every dollar on the gold price adds to the forecast profit. No wonder the gold sector is hot! And no wonder gold mining companies are beating a path to my door – literally!

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