Reshmi Chauhan

Tata Motor’s reverse point is coming.

We are seeing change in Tata Motor (EQUITY): Long down trend is coming to the end and support is 279 and 268.Buyers good level can be as 279 and 268. Profit booking level can be as 302 and 2nd can be as 311-318.

ACC: On Radar To BUY

ACC: Most of the time when is break its cennal it has again come to cennal.

So now it has break its 5th support and moving down … in the same way it will

again  the chances to move up by taking its support as 1270 & 2nd as 1178.

Traders are recommended to buy at 1270 nearby, last buying opportunity at 1178 and go for the target 1440

and if maintain good then second target can be as 1580

You will face heavy pressure on IRB…

IRB: Is on the top? Yes if you execute our plan.

As per our plan: great chance to fall down our selling will be 287 to 292 and to first target as 258 and  second target follow 238-42.

Are you ready to sell, HEROMOTOCO?

Our Eagle eye on HERO MOTOCORP LIMITED (future) to sell it. Yes, We want to bite this stock with full of power. Look at the chart by clicking on it.

Heromotoco, short term traders may think of selling in between  3,834 and 3,896 as per the trend line. It will go down till 3,726 first target, and second can be as 3,652-3612.

Buy Bhel : It will blast any time.

BHEL, actually till good for buy. As per chart, best level for buy 81.2 nearby for targets 86.6 and 90.4. Infact, We have sent this call to our paid subscribers also today morning with same level mentioned in chart. There’re nothing to worry above 78 in the BHEL.

Update date and Time: 1:30 PM (4rth, april 2018)

If you are waiting to enter in BHEL or you have already booked profit at 87(our first target), then you have again chance to enter with retracement of BHEL 83.65 to 84.8. and go for again target as mentioned first chart 87 and 90.4