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MCX Gold & Zinc: Profit Taking Time

Update: Gold’s Upside Rally May Continue

gold tipsI have published Gold’s report at today 9:54 AM. Did you read it? If not, click here.

I had written, “Intraday traders can see following levels soon: 30100 – 30200 – 30250+“.

First & Second target of this call has touched. Currently, the Gold market price is around 30200. Do you think, it will hit the third level too?

Update: Zinc Uptrend May Pause Here

free zinc intraday tipsDid you check our Intraday Call of Zinc? If not, click here.

In the morning at 9:54 AM, I had written, “Zinc may take a break but… we may see upside up to 180 – 182“.

Zinc first target has come. Enjoy our free tips.

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Special Report: Gold, Silver, Zinc & Mentha oil Tips

Gold’s Upside Rally May Continue

free gold tipsIntraday traders can see following levels soon: 30100 – 30200 – 30250+

But the crossover of level $1218 required. If you don’t know the right entry level, stay away from MCX Gold.

And if you’re planning to make a trade on Silver then wait for a complete breakout of 37180 level.
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Zinc Uptrend May Pause Here

Zinc may take a break but… we may see upside up to 180 – 182. Further information will update on market hours for premium subscribers only.

Mentha oil Uptrend Resumed

free commodity mentha oil intraday tipsHave you read our mentha oil report? If not, click here.

In bold words, I had written, “Mentha oil has crossed our 1675 level. We may see the 1700 – 1720 – 1740 levels now”.

Be ready for the second and third targets.

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Commodity Tips & Updates: Gold, Silver, Lead & Zinc

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Gold: Time is coming to book profit

In the last trading session, Gold made a low of Rs.29268. It just missed 18 rupees to touch our second target.

Read the last report of Gold: Click Here.

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Silver: Made Profit Rs.30000 / lot

In the last week newsletter and on 29 July 2018, I had strongly recommended to short silver.
1st Update
2nd Update

How many of you sold silver below 38000’s level?
niftyfutureOur last target of silver 37000 has come. Per lot profit Rs.30000.

What’s next?

Hurdle: 36700
A Strong Support: 36200

This week silver can trade in between these levels. Smart traders know what to do next!

Note: Do not short above 36700’s level. Further information about silver I will update on market hours.

Short-term Outlook of Zinc

The last free intraday call of Zinc has touched all targets on the same day. You may check it out by clicking here.

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Zinc may crash up to 160’s level.

Exact Entry Level & Stop Loss Will Update For Premium Subscribers.

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Technical Report of Lead

On 29 July 2018, I had said to sold MCX Lead at 145.4 level for the target of 143.7 to 141.
Click here and read that report.
Lead’s both targets has come.

New hurdle: 137.5

Lead may crash up to 137.5 level. It is very crucial hurdle level. Why? I will update in next newsletter.

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Best Trading Strategy: Gold & Natural gas tips

mcx gold intraday tips updates

Technical Report of Gold

This week Gold can touch the following target levels:
T1: 29900
T2: 30000
T3: 30090

These targets will come with one condition:

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If that condition break, following levels will come.
T1: 29500
T2: 29350

Watch 201 level of Natural Gas

natural gas intraday tipsThis week best trading strategy for the Natural gas is described below:
In the last report of Natural gas, we made a buy position. It has touched all target. In this week hurdle level of 201 is very crucial. Above 201 looks for further upside with 205 – 207 as targets. And short positions below 201 with targets at 198 – 196 in extension.

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Top & Bottom: Gold, Crude oil, Natural gas, Lead & CPO Tips

Gold Moving Toward a Reset

gold tipsLast trading session of Gold Aug Contract was crucial. It was a strong signal for the trend change. Further information on Gold will update soon.

We recommend reading the following articles till next update.
1. Is MCX Gold Turning?
2. Special Report of Gold based on Technical & Fundamental Result
3. Gold & Silver – Correction Over?

Other articles are available here: click here

Note: Before taking any decision, I recommend reading the last report ‘Simplified Crude oil Chart‘ report.

natural gas tips chart

Natural Gas Price Probable Short-term Bounce

Technical indicators are suggesting to buy for the 200 – 203+.
Beware with the February uptrend channel.

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Weekly Outlook of Lead

Lead has not broken the base range as per the last report of it. You should read that report now: click here

This week lead trend will remain the same as the previous analysis hence read that article.

Crude Palm Oil Trend Forecast

crude palm oil tipsCrude Palm Oil (CPO) is the best option for the small investor of MCX commodity trader.
Hurdle: 586

If it closes below the hurdle, sell it.
Target: 580 – 572

Caution: Don’t short above hurdle.

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UPDATE 4: Gold Downtrend Continues

Upside Risk for Gold in 2018?

gold tipsDid you read checked the last update of Gold Call? If not, click here.

The day before yesterday I had clearly said, “Gold Price Focusing on Nov 2016 Support Trendline Bottom. It can crash up to 29500 – 29250 for restart a solid uptrend.”

The first target has come. Do you think it will touch the second target level before the weekend?


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