MSFT: Bears Have Taken Control Over Bulls

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MSFT has accomplished the corrective wave (b) and started falling for wave (c) of wave (4).

Traders can expect the following targets: 289 – 272 – 265 for wave (c). Here, 273 is the Fibonacci level of 50% of the wave. This level will act as a crucial level.

An uptrend is only possible after the breakout of the parallel channel.
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NSE Sail Stock Price Can Hike Rs.50+ From Here

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SAIL has been forming descending channels for more than 47 weeks. It has accomplished corrective structure((4)) at 61.8% of wave ((3)).

Wave ((4)) is a double combination pattern. After creating a low of 84.35, the price started marching upward.

If the price breaks out of the corrective channel, traders can trade for the following levels: 123 – 143 – 162+.  But bears can take control if there is a fake-out.

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NSE Adani Ports Is Growing Near Truncation Zone

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Key Level: 824 & 853
Adani Port has broken down the corrective wave X and started forming an impulse wave ((5)).

Price had broken down the 8-month-old correction, and Adani Port surged rapidly. Adani Port can U-turn from 1.618% at 1049. It is a reverse Fibonacci of wave ((4)). Currently, the price is at the 78.6% reverse Fibonacci level at 853.

If Adani port fails to break the previous high at 901, there will be a case of truncation. It shows that the current impulsive move has a lack of demand pressure. Then the decline will be 3x more powerful than the normal corrective wave.

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NSE Apollo Hospital Trading Call – Bearish?

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Apollo hospital is preparing for the last corrective move

Key Level: 4475 and 5013

Apollo hospital had completed Impulsive wave ((3)) at 5935 and started corrective wave ((4)).

If the price breaks the H-line, traders can sell for the following target: 4437 – 4356 – 4239 below. These are the price levels where the price can u-turn for an impulsive wave ((5)).

A corrective wave is the construction of a three-wave and evidence of an impending impulsive wave.

Traders can also initiate a long setup only in price breaks the impulsive channel. I will upload a long trade setup after the accomplishment of wave ((4)).

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NSE Calls – Pokrana Trade Setup

Do you remember Pokrana’s Elliott wave analysis?
[24 March 2022] NSE Pokrana Reloads For Another Price Rally

Free nse stock pokarna chart callsBEFORE:

Pokrana had completed the corrective wave ((4)) and started forming impulsive structures. Price was at wave B of the previous wave.

I had mentioned in clear words, “If the price breaks the corrective wave B, traders can expect the following levels for impending impulse thrust: 752 – 770 – 800+


12:30 PM – Pokrana reached the first target of 752.
12:45 PM – Pokrana touched the second target of 770.

Will Pokrana hit the final target of 800?

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NSE Nifty Has Completed The Correction Phase But…

Did you read Nifty’s research report?
[Yesterday] NSE NIFTY Rebound Change Of Trend Or Just A Correction?

Free nse nifty chart callsBEFORE

Nifty has formed the value area where supply and demand were a deadlock. Destruction of the equilibrium zone is evidence of a big move.

Price was also on the control line of the parallel channel, and the Price crossed 50 MA.

I have mentioned in bold words, “If the Nifty breaches the upper band, we can expect 17365 – 17562 – 17600.”

Free nse index nifty chart calls AFTER


  • 09:15 AM: Nifty touched the first target of 17365.
  • 11:10 AM: Nifty made a high of 17507.

Will Nifty reach the second target of 17562?

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