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  1. when a wave retraces, that means it goes against the overall direction How could wave 3 retrace if it’s not a corrective wave And I believe you meant to say 1.618 extension using a Fibonacci tool.

  2. Good Analysis – could you please provide each wave wise retracement levels. IT CAN GO UP TO 10500-10700?

  3. Excellent after a long wait…. it came. Eagerly awaited analysis. Please let’s know when to short and what will be target ?

  4. chart analysis is showing the entire process where the stock is going and how it will move, thanks for giving a great analysis.

  5. According to your theory, your chart is moving in the perfect direction and your analysis is good

  6. I have benefited from this chart and the target has been completed and your analysis is good.

  7. Nice analysis I’m really hop to sell nifty please provide were B point is coming thanks allot for updating

  8. is there any profitbooking now near 10900 what is the last trgt up move do not understand last ur guide on 10550 profit booking increase 400 point but not any sugession how nifty run?

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