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Trading Strategy For 14th Oct’ 2013.



The Keys that unlock Trading Success:

You need to trade a WINNING trading system: Your trading method must be legal and successful through previous markets. The ideal technique to succeed in the markets is actually to have a method that determines potential trends and provides you records and making a profit that put the possibilities on your side for winning trades. Lots of times these techniques will have awesome champions that pay for each the limited loss and generate you successful. Irrespective of time structure the biggest thing all traders are in browse of for profits is trend record. The secret is to get through traditional price tag information and observe how your technique would have carried out in various types of past markets, bull, bear, and sideways. Combined with some resident times like October 1987 and the Fall of 2008. A winning method either has to have a limited profits so huge that it offers for all the small losses or a very large winning amount that maintains the few losses from getting out of hand. Uncover your edge and study how to create it a worthwhile one. In case you have no edge and no winning method your trading account will be consumed separated bit by bit.  The market has an edge over you, it is counter user-friendly and decrease and percentage are drooling to start gnawing on your account.



Above is Daily CHART of Nifty Future ,Last Close : 6130 level

Above 6095 level ,Our Target intact of 6175-6200 level !!

Today ,Not crossing High of  6143  & trades below 6128 level with volumes then ???

Target :6084-6069 in panic is possible.

3DEMA @ 6070 ,7DEMA @ 6019 level.

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