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Today’s NIFTY alter is your #1: direction of NIFTY?


28th April 2016, (Expiry Day), we had bought Nifty Put 8100 between Rs. 95 to Rs. 101. This option traded Tripled our money with targets 278 (Put went up-to 296).

Nifty 8100 put; option trade was brought out 190% profit in single day.

If you did, congratulations because we provide you each expiry day DOUBLE/TRIPLE targets call with Guaranteed…!

LET’S LOOK OUT FOR Today Nifty chart, <⁣/span>

nifty-chartIntraday trader have good opportunity to buy support as mentioned on chart (7706 around), try to look on gap is great support. Trade with stop loss because, correction is possible 7600-7650.

Confirmation of correction or up move will be clear due to live market. I will update here for you.

Updated Date: 9th May 2016

There are not changed… We just follows above levels… 7706 and 7852.

Updated Date: 10th May 2016

The support for Nifty Fut. 7858 to 7876 for 40-70 points up move intraday only…!

Just watch today’s trading, very soon we will update chart and accurate level for you.

Updated Date: 11th May 2016

Wait to OPEN the market! 

The stock market is going to open in 5 min, so let’s get into the exciting details regarding our today’s alert without any delay.

Nifty Future support 7778 and 7809 and possible to recover 60 points up
if crossover 7890, then targets 7942-7959.

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  1. Dear Sirs; I wants to know how call option works and what are types in Indian stock market. although I have gone through many articales but could not get clear picture of that. Is there CE and CA are both in our market. if has than which one is better. and for how many days one can hold and sale that option kindly leave your message. Thank you

  2. I made good profits by your nifty calls, I like your Truthiness, Fast SMS Service Exit Call System Speedy Feedback Limited but Sure Calls, Nice directions, I am very happy and I will try soon to become a paid member. Thanks.

  3. I’m very impressed with your calls as it is very accurate and profitable. I would like to subscribe your service so that I can increase my profit.

  4. sir i have buy nifty 10 lots at 7738 as per your level, please tell me profit booking… is it T-7852????

    can i boook here???????????

    1. just hold this position with stop loss of 7709. The majority of our members are entered around this levels… just hold this with small loss and targets 7836-7842

  5. sir i have bought nifty call 7950
    my average price rs/42
    i have 7lots sir

    please help me with target..

    1. i have also “call nifty” 8000 strike price, buy 2lots at Rs.29
      this option cmp is 40, can i hold for double target?

  6. Sir I have booked profit as per your recommendation, so what I have to do now, have to hold on your said level?

  7. Thank you sir,

    i am trading since 3months from you views. i have almost recover my money. lot of lost money from other TV shows like, CNBC, prakash gabba, ashwini,

    my losses is 7lac around, i recovered 3.8lac from your free advice. i have planned to be you today. i will call sir

    my name is rajiv.

  8. sir main ne 7791 per profit book kiya hain. Aur kuch update hain nifty ka?
    mera buy 7745 ka tha

  9. Super call of nifty, I buy it at 7715 and I have no hesitation to recommend Moneymunch service to anyone. Amazing results so far especially this month’s calls are on great, Mr. guru has really good understanding of market.

  10. The MoneymunchTeam view about market is very good. There are no words to say. Your service vision about helping market losers is excellent. Especially nifty calls are awesome, thanks for this call .I bought nifty 7712

  11. hello sir, can i hold my nifty ?
    i m till holding, because you told me.

    sir i called you Friday, this is Devendra Singh (DS)
    i told you about my family and require money, my nifty 7709 was triggered. please do not forget me to inform for profit book.

  12. excellent guruji as usually,
    nifty low 7701 and you told to buy 7706… always amazing figures.
    Guruji, you’re THE GURU of market.

  13. Classic Target Of Nifty, Congrats , Nifty Fu Close A/B 7900, Now New Target ?

  14. Maine kuchh share 1 year purchase kiya. Kuchh jyada change nahi huwa hai usme. Mujhe share market ka knowlege bhi nahi hai…aapke sms se ,,try kar raha hu .kuch seekhne ki.aur profite ki

  15. thank you sir i want to be your members please tell me how can i pay you?????????

    today i earned 43k, i want to be members sir.

  16. guruji, i want discount sir for 1 year package. please give me some discount, i can pay now.

  17. Dear sir, i am watching your free service last 1month, all recommdations are accurate. I WANT YOU PREMIMUM SERVICE. Can I pay Rs.44500 via NEFT icici bank?

  18. you are great sir,…no one can beat you.

    i have till position on my hands,
    bought nifty 7719 as per you email
    let me know what should i do?

      1. guru ji, i m ur subscribers. i was out of station since 3days, i am back now.

        i bought 3 days before 7950 call on yahoo messenger
        my buy rate @ 38

        where can i book profit?

  19. I made Rs97,000 when I invested in your option trade.

    last month. I cannot believe I made so much money with just Rs 1,lac margin to start with. Thank you so much for the priceless information you send me. I’ve told my friends about your website, and they have signed up as well!

    We have planned to became member today.

    Tejas Bhavsar (NRI)

    1. you are learner in share market ,do practict your own like paramiters like macd, slow stact, fact stactic, hormonic pattern, darvas box, ichimoko cloud, eleat wave, like so many

  20. plz sir your advise me
    1 to 2 year investment to equity share but no any profit but only loss for investment
    plz advise me
    share invesent soda any confirm for profit ?

    1. Buy and hold thats the time is gone in share market, know a days money and market loves speed, thats why speed your money trade future and option ,take technial analisest,thx

  21. sir i am new in moneymunch, i got your email.
    today is my 1st of trading with you.

    i bought 7950 call
    10lots @Rs. 41.9

    can you suggest me target?

  22. No words to describe you. I am spellbound!!!! Awesome.

    opened 100 down. now up as you said.. i missed opportunity today sir. but i am really happy to see your text.

  23. I see a lot of sites and tips provider, so it isnt as good as that.still great effort and a great recommendation for you. worth the money.
    i make today 15k.
    thanks again

  24. sir please tell me how much i have to pay you for start my premium service?
    i am visiting ymoneymunch since 27 days. now i want paid service.

  25. I want to trade in future and options so for that i want the trial then after if i am happy with your tips, i will register.

  26. you are good but thats not enought fot small investers , small trades , do lot of eals , you have lot of do in indian share market,thats not enought lot more to do,

  27. Perfect call each and every time… only thing one requires is to believe in them… I booked profit before the given target due to fear… but the target did come 15 min after booking profit… happy with the service.. Booked profit with 25 point up… it could have been a 65 point ….
    Realized it.. if one wants to make money work on Guruji’s call without any fear

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