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Stock Tips for 11-5-2011



Yesterday seen heavy volume on This Stock with upmove…!

Just watch today buying in opening 213 above …!

Your Stoploss 2112 and Go For Intraday + Position targets 217.7-219 and 222-226



(Last closed 612)

Buying safe levels 606-611 and above it also…!

Just watch easily 624-627

(Cross over this and trading above  it…then…PANIC  targets 643-654 in 2Days and position will 678-700)

Your Stoploss for Intraday targets 601 and Risky Traders can keep 597



(Cash – Last closed 365)

Buy levels 363 above …! (Grab this stock in opening…!

Just watch intraday targets 674-677 and after closing above 672…Hold your long Position for targets 681-689)

Don’t Hold  your long below 360 Today…!

More Accurate Stocks will be For Subscribers only…!

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