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What is SenSex : Definition & History & Finance

SENSEX is the short term for the words “Sensitive Index” and is associated with the Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchage (BSE).

What is meaning of Sensex?

The SENSEX was first formed on 1-1-1986 and used the market capitalization of the 30 most traded stocks of Sensex. It is biggest and oldest index. The base was 1979 and taken as 100. The 30 scrips of 1986 and no more the same – some have been removed while some have been added. At irregular intervals, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE 50) authorities review and modify its composition to make sure it reflects current market conditions. Actually, Sensex is nothing… I will post very soon about sensex calculation & Sensex history

Today the Sensex constitutes of the following companies:

Company Name (Industry)
1.    ACC (Cement – Major)
2.    Bharti Airtel (Telecommunications – Service)
3.    BHEL (Engineering – Heavy)
4.    DLF (Construction & Contracting – Real Estate)
5.    Grasim (Diversified)
6.    HDFC Bank (Banks – Private Sector)
7.    HDFC (Finance – Housing)
8.    Hindalco (Aluminium)
9.    HUL (Personal Care)
10.    ICICI Bank (Banks – Private Sector)
11.    Infosys (Computers – Software)
12.    ITC (Cigarettes)
13.    Jaiprakash Associates (Construction & Contracting – Civil)
14.    Larsen & Toubro (Diversified)
15.    Mahindra and Mahindra (Auto – Cars & Jeeps)
16.    Maruti Suzuki (Auto – Cars & Jeeps)
17.    NTPC (Power – Generation/Distribution)
18.    ONGC (Oil Drilling And Exploration)
19.    Ranbaxy Labs (Pharmaceuticals)
20.    Reliance Communications (Telecommunications – Service)
21.    Reliance Industries Limited (Diversified)
22.    Reliance Infrastructure (Power – Generation/Distribution)
23.    State Bank of India (Banks – Public Sector)
24.    Sterlite Industries (Metals – Non Ferrous)
25.    Sun Pharma (Pharmaceuticals)
26.    Tata Motors (Auto – LCVs/HCVs)
27.    Tata Power (Power – Generation/Distribution)
28.    Tata Steel (Steel – Large)
29.    TCS (Computers – Software)
30.    Wipro (Computers – Software)

Sexsen is now in 2012

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