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NSE DrReddys Fut, RBL, & UBL – Calls & Updates

free nse ubl stock chart tips

How many of you traded on DRREDDYS FUT call?
Yesterday: NSE DrReddys Fut could crash more – Bearish Trend Continues?

I had written in bold words, “according to TA, we will see the target of 3780 – 3720 levels soon”.

It has touched all targets.

I have also said to sell RBL yesterday. Have you?
Yesterday: NSE RBL extending downtrend’s extent?

I had written, “Key level: 628
If it breaks the above level, then the stock price will hit the target level of 610 – 600 – 570“.

The first target of RBL had achieved yesterday. And the second target has come now (today). Will it touch the third target? Free subscribers can book profit here.

Did you read the UBL tips report?
Feb 22, 2022: NSE UBL Is Declining, But Major Support Is Ahead

Free nse stock upl daily chart tips

I had written, “we are using a pivot zone at 1452 to avoid fake-outs. If the price breaks the pivot level, it can go for 1390 – 1311“.

free nse ubl stock chart tips

UBL has touched the first target by making a low of 1381.5 yesterday. And it is very close to the second target. Free subscribers can book profit here.

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    now we have no more masks. a huge start to rid the economy of the grappling burden of covid and begin to restore GDP.

    inflation is hard to gauge because during the pandemic the shutdowns created shortages which increased prices drastically on many things such as cars, essential items, food, CPU. there are a lot of scenarios but really pay attention to the shortages. if supplies go back to where they were before then prices will come down but yet now there’s more money multiplying which could stabilize current pricing or increase demand for more goods.

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    I just think shortages and changing calculations of inflation have created some issues. I mean the increased money everywhere and all those stimulus checks were kept from creating too much inflation by shortages…

    ALL JUST AN OPINION. PLEASE feel free to tell me how silly I sound

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