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NIFTY Future 9-2-2012 (Thursday)

NIFTY Future 9-2-2012





Quality Change is the capacity to transform ‘negative’ situations, or circumstances, into something beneficial for one’s self and others. ‘Quality transformers’ are people who can turn walls of resistance into bridges of understanding and keep crossing them, who can change any obstacle into a stepping stone of success and can reverse the niggling, paralysing dragons of doubt into radiant self-confidence, dissolving the thought ‘impossible’ from the mind.



What expected about Nifty Future Today…?



Everyone is know “We last from many days we bought Nifty at low and sell at High”

Now, Be Quite for a white (Don’t think for buy Nifty Today)


Yesterday, I told to my all subscriber about sell …Stocks too…

Actually, we wanted to sell RCOM future. I had also post message for you about Sell 97-99 RCOM future


Nifty Future Targets 5344 and 5318-5296 intraday if it not able to see

You will see NF 5269-5234 very soon


This will be short term fall. 5200 will be confirmation of Nifty future complete level


You will get good level for sell today with up side, I am going to update for subscriber …




Sell NIFTY Future 5394 and 5408-5418 with stoploss 5429 for Target as mentioned on above…



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  1. Respected Guru ji Today read your prediction on nifty which suggest not to go long. please sir if you cannot give right prediction on your website then please do not give wrong one.
    Now you can see what happened with nifty. You know this free site is like advertisment by this type of predictions you may get adverse publicity.

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