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Yesterday Disclosure:

RELIANCE FUT. : Sell 1100 And Stop loss 1105 for targets 1088-1080 (RELIANCE Achieved Targets with low 1080)

SBIN Fut.: Buy above 3200 for targets 3244-3258 and more (SBIN Fut. Tested 3258)

AXIS-BANK : Given Small Profit

EXIDE Fut.: Yesterday bought @ 159 many traders,…(Holding for Today Targets)




What For Today?


(Time to Watch)

Looks hot Ticket

Target Short Term: 568-571 and 591-600

3- Consecutive Days, Close 555 above…Then Stock will start to move…!!!

I’ll update here if time give permit…


Looks Hot & Fire

Need Patience…?

Down Trend is Over…!

Above 470, Long trade is safe…!!! (No Worry)

Intraday Targets 489-490

Short Term Targets 500-514

Crossover 482… then Stock will kiss targets easily…



Looks Hot & Fire…!!!

Down Trend is over…!

Think for long only above 948..???

Short Term Targets 1000-1045-1100

I will update for Subscribers only…

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