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Guesstimate: 02-11-2010

(Last closed 3213)

Watch above 3200 for up move continue
3238-3245 and short term targets 3300-3346

Closely 3200 below will create problems…?

Reliance Industry
(Last closed 1104)

Watch 1097
(Breaks with volume and stay 5-7min. below it)
Sell & Sell for targets 1088-1081




AXIS-Bank Fut.

Watch above 1518
Go long with Stop loss 1516

Targets 1540-1542 and 1553-1558 for today

If breaks 1518 below, I’ll update for Subscribers,…

(Last closed 1256)

Watch above 1548
(Up move will continue above 1278-1285 and 1302-1315 +)

If crossover with volume above 1268…then PANIC move 1282-1300

I’ll update ORCHID, ABIRLANUVO and More stocks for SUBSCRIBERS…

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