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BankNifty target 28345 nearby and pullback with time.

Previous support existing at 28530
and intraday target 28342 of Chanel.

Finally, intraday support is at 28340 nearby.
We may see a pullback 11 o clock nearby.

  • Long term tight channel since 2016.
  • 3 excesses at the value and one excess at value low.
  • 5 waves are completed.
  • A previous Resistance and Wave(3) at 28227(can be upcoming support).
  • 50 days moving average is at 28080 nearby (too far for work as support).
  • Measurement of all falls mentioned in the chart, as per this measurement expected current until 13th Aug 2019(approx. plotted).

Conclusion: From a longer perspective, there is a still Problem in Banknifty,

Updated at 9:35 AM 31st July 2019

PLAN A : SELL BANKNIFTY AUG future 28935 nearby and stoploss 28950 above fort targets 28725 and 28465-28500 intraday


Detection Turning candle at value low (low of Channel). Normal pull-back should be above 11120 above on spot nifty.

Real support of the channel is at 10958 nearby. We have seen two recent Candle which is sign for PULLBACK . I was expecting pull-back after 11 o clock. 


TRADE PLAN A: Buy NIFTY future aug. 10915-10950 with stoploss of 10900 and targets 11125-111227

TRADE PLAN B: BUY NF aug. 11035 above with stoploss 11000 for targets 11125-11145 and 11190

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  1. Sir I subscribed your yesterday. I sold banknifty august month future 28918 two lot, should i book profit or wait?

  2. sir I subscribed your yesterday. I sold bank nifty august month future 28918 one lot, should i book profit or wait?

    1. For PAID customers we have live support service. Kindly contact in messenger. The first target was for paid client 28730 (low made with 28730 exact) check PLAN B.

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    thank you. If you allow me to pay i can do NEFT right now.

  4. Sir i want to subscribe..but i don’t know about your package… Please pick up the call

  5. This was my first day joined you yesterday. I sold 5 lots at 28908 avg. and booked profit at 28708. thanks a lot.
    regard, new member.

  6. I am Pankaj Bhardwaj your very old client. I also speak to guru ji many time. I am here today for saying thank you to moneymunch team.

    Happy with your service. please keep it up.

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    Thanks once again.

  8. I am your free subscriber…i seen your chart prediction always right analysis,
    can i know about package ??i want subscribe your me

  9. i am trapped in market.. i was buy banknifty call but it is fall..tomorrow it expiry..How can i save from loss?
    Do you help me?

  10. sir thanks for this are always doing rock…i am in profit this call so i am out of this zone…thanks guruji

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