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(Last closed 107)


Yes, My Subscriber might have sold 111 around yesterday…and had given you also in morning of yesterday…!

Now, just Watch 108-109 as Selling pressure

Intraday easy move can be 104 and after breaking 101…then ready for 98-96




Opening bell…!


Selling pressure can see 221-223 (Hurdle)

(Crossover and stay above it…then up move can be expected)


Traders can take risky Rs.2-3 per share


Just Watch 217

(Break it…then ready for free fall to 213-211 Intraday)




Just watch 247 in coming Day…!

(Suppose to crossover it and closing above this price…then Stock can be shoot up 254-256 Intraday and Short Term can think 259-261


Be Careful with this Stock…?




(Style: Long term BEARISH mode)

Keep your both eye on 73.5-74.5

(Around the above mentioned range may start Selling Pressure…?)

Now, Concentrate at 70

(If this Stock falling below 70,…then Stock will go to die 67-64-61 in short term)

More Stocks is for Subscribers only…!

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