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Daily NIFTY Future (7-3-2011) Monday





“Always is a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”


Levels in Advance


Support of Short Term 5195- 5235

(Suppose, NF is not closing below this support…Then 5633-5705 Targets)

(Suppose to break it,…GOD can save NIFTY 4899-4500 before test these Numbers…!)


Therefore, this month of Targets of Nifty is the 5633-5705

(NIFTY must be close 5430 above for above targets)


Friday Performance:


Given to SELL NIFTY Fut. 5550-5562 and Stoploss 5576 and waiting for targets 5479-5442


What for Today…?

(Still level is not changed)

Supports: 5492-5507


Two probabilities,

1) This support can give to force 5541-5576 and 5600 above…BULLISH move to 5682-5716


2) Suppose to break it and trading below it for more than 10min…then PANIC can be seen to 5463-5455 and moreover, NF is closing below 5500…then heavy selling probability will seen to 5400-5300


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