Exclusive Update: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, & Nickel Tips

MCX Gold & Silver – Massive Bull?

How many of you bought the gold? We have updated many times that the gold is bullish up to 39000 – 39600 – 40000+. Use the following link to read the previous articles:

What’s next?

Hurdle: 40460
Support: 39200
Keep eyes on opening gaps. Now it’s time for intraday traders.
Resistance: 41260 – 41360

It’s under pressure up to 42000 levels.
Caution: a big downfall (up to 39260) after hurdle breakout.

The Prospects Of Silver’s Next Upswing

free silver calls chartSame for the silver as well. Scroll the older commodities articles from here: https://moneymunch.com/category/free-commodity-tips/

We had updated many times, MCX silver will hit 46600 – 48000 – 49900+ levels.
Check out the first report here: https://moneymunch.com/tips-charts-gold-silver-crude-oil-special-report/

It has touched the first two targets. Will it achieve the 49900 levels?

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What If Crude Oil Is NOT In A New Bull Market?

free mcx crude oil tips chartClick the image to open in full size

free crude oil tips chartClick the image to open in full size

As per the above charts, the crude oil previous support trendline can continue the bullish trend. It could be up to 4692 – 4810 – 4900+.

The previous support trendline breakout: 4460 – 4360 – 4160

Technical Perspective of Nickel (Weekly & Intraday)

Nickel is showing up like falling. Is it? Its hurdle is the 1008 level.

Nickel needs to show a closing price above 1036 to come into a positive trend. It will a clear sign for 1050 – 1066+ levels.

Hurdle breakout: it could down up to 1000 – 986 levels.

free nickel tips chart

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Gold, Silver, Natural gas, & Nickel Weekly Analysis & Tips

MCX/CFD Gold & Silver Talk

Gold is playing into a box since 8 December. I have drawn that chart here: MCX Gold at Support – The Upcoming Move

8 Dec Article Url: Silver Price Setting Up For A Downside Price Rotation?

Silver could try to test the 45400 levels. If we see the consecutive closing price above this level, the silver will fly. And targets will remain the same as I have written into the 8 December article.

silver chart calls

And if the silver will breakdown the support line, nobody can stop to fall. Downside targets are also available in that article.

All Eyes On Natural gas

natural gas chart calls

As per this chart, natural gas moves back to under bearish trend. Its price is also close to the support level. It will impact on MCX natural gas prices.

MCX Natural gas: Hurdle – 167.6 and Support – 157

Especially intraday traders… My regular chart followers know what’s going to happen next!

For short-term investors:
Will natural gas comes out from the downtrend before next weekend? What will happen if natural gas breakout the strong support?

I will update you in the next report before this weekend end.

MCX Nickel – Best for Intraday Trades

free commodity mcx nickel tipsNickel can be unstoppable. No Doubt!

Hurdle: 1030
Above it: 1070 – 1080 – 1090 – 1100+

Hurdle breakout: 1010 – 1000 below

Don’t stuck in fake out candles.

Get 50% OFF on Commodity Pricing Plans.
Note: Special offers are going to end today.

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MCX: Crude oil, Nickel, & Copper Tips & Updates

UPDATE: Will the Momentum in Crude oil Continue?

First, go and read crude oil special report: Crude oil Remain in an Uptrend?

We had written, “Above yesterday’s high and 4290 closing price, a massive upward rally will start for 4330 – 4390 – 4430 levels”.

Even our premium subscribers also bought crude oil at 4260 levels.

Crude oil calls the first target has achieved. Do you think it will touch the second & third targets?

free crude oil calls chart

Free subscribers can book full profit from Crude oil. The next update of crude oil will come for premium subscribers only.

free nickel tips chart

UPDATE: Nickel Reloads For Another Price Rally

Have you followed Nickel’s tips? If not, click here to read.

Nickel both side targets has blasted.
What else you want?

Copper Technical Perspective & Update

Two days ago, we had updated a copper positional call.
Read here: MCX Copper Confirm Signals

Do you think prices will hike? If yes! Our targets are 445.6 – 446.4+ levels.

But as we see, copper is cooking something else. Copper is playing between support trendline and support area. It has tested more than four times 444 level since yesterday. It can fall for support 440 soon.

Accurate entry-level + stop loss + targets = available for the premium subscribers only!

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Kindly note, the special offer is going to end.

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Special Report: Gold, Silver, Crude oil, & Nickel Intraday Calls

free gold calls chart

Will Gold Breakout OR Breakdown Next?

Fib Ret 61.8% will work as a trend changer point.
Above this point TG: 80% – 90%
Below TG: 50% – 40%
Key: Lower Trendline

Accurate levels: available for premium subscribers only!

free silver chart calls

Silver Technical Perspective – Why So Bullish?

A new position can initiate on the trendline up to 44680.
Hurdle: 44300

Make a new position at trendline touch. Hurdle breakout will confirm the downtrend.

Now intraday traders know what to do next!

free crude oil chart tips

Will the Momentum in Crude oil Continue?

Above yesterday’s high and 4290 closing price, a massive upward rally will start for 4330 – 4390 – 4430 levels.

Keep your eyes on the hurdle.

Hurdle breakout: 4210 – 4200 below

Nickel Reloads For Another Price Rally

free nickel tips chart




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Special Reports: Gold, Silver, Natural gas, Nickel & Lead Tips

gold tips charts

Gold Trading Alerts & Ideas

The next gold strong support is 31300. It may take u-turn up to 31800 – 32000+.

But gold is not safe to short under 31300 to 31000 levels. It may drag it into a heavy downfall. More information will update on the market hours for the premium members only.

Technical Perspective of Silver

As per the previous silver’s report, it’s continuously following our levels and under range. In this week beginning, It can jump up to 37600 levels. Don’t sell above to this level (37600). It can push it up to 37800 – 38000+.

Click here to read the last silver’s report.

Nickel’s Support Level Is Broken

free commodity mcx nickel tips updatesThe nickel support level was 886. It has broken in the last trading session. Intraday traders can expect downfall up to 870 – 864.

Further information will update shortly for the premium subscribers. Don’t sell above 886 level.

Weekly outlook of Lead

free lead tipsLead’s prices could collapse up to 132 – 130. It’s a TRAP! Don’t sell lead until you see two-closing sessions under 130 prices.

Below level 130, the following targets are waiting: 128 – 126 – 124

Uptrend starting point: 136 level
It can be up to 140 – 144 levels.

Update 2: Should we keep selling Natural gas?

Yes! You can.
Read the natural gas call first update.
Natural gas has touched the first target. It’s very close to the second target.

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Will Nickel Find Support Above 909?

free nickel tips

Nickel Will Fly or Fall?

As per the above nickel intraday trading chart, it has support at or above 909 level.

Nickel prices may hike up to 915 – 918 levels. And if it breakdown the support, prices may fall up to 906 – 904.

Accurate entry-level and stop loss is available for the premium subscribers.

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