Stock Market Tips On Mobile : Great News for all Stock Market Investors

Great news for all stock market watchers. Here’s a chance to make most fool-proof decisions with auto-refreshing updates of your favorite NSE/BSE stock quotes, Mutual Funds NAVs. Use our IPO Watch with SMS reminders and never miss an IPO again. Features of Portfolio manager application:

1. My Portfolio: User can view his complete investment portfolio and profit/loss spread among BSE, NSE and MF. Users also have the to see specific details of his/her BSE Portfolio, NSE Portfolio & MF Portfolio separately.

2. IPO Watch: Issues Open Now: It contains the list of upcoming IPO’s with their offer price, opening date and closing date. New Listings: It contains list of the stocks that are recently launched in the market having issue price, opening price and percentage of Gain /Loss

3. BSE 30 / Nifty 50: In this screen user can find the listing of top 30 stocks with the following options: Add, Set Alert, BSE Portfolio, Nifty, Nav and Home. User can find the top 50 stocks of Nifty through this option.

4. Profit Calculator: This provides a unique way to calculate & let the user know the profit/loss of the existing shares in his portfolio at the current market prices. For the Profit Calculator to work, the user has to enter the purchase price and the number of shares in his portfolio while adding the Stock.

5. E-Mail: Most of the transaction information will be emailed to user’s specified email address (entered in the edit configuration option) when the user selects and clicks the Email option provided in the Portfolio Manager.

6. MF NAV: In this screen, the user can find the list of all available Mutual Funds along with their NAV(Net Asset Value)

7. Subscribe: This section consists of following options through which user can download the Portfolio ManagerWap PortalSMS – Link for the application is being send through SMS

8. Unsubscribe This section consists of following options through which user can get un-subscribe from the Portfolio Manage. Portfolio Manager Application – Select the setting option, unsubscribe from the application

9. Portfolio MIS & analysis: This section consists of following options through which user can analyze and can have track on MIS. Asset allocation Monthly Investment ratio Best/worst stocks

10. Stock Alert:Users can set various alerts which the application can automatically trigger once his desired criteria is met. Users can trigger the alert if a particular stock reaches his desired price point.

11. Manage Your portfolio On the move:Users can also manage their investment portfolio anytime anywhere using this powerful tool. Users can manage their investment portfolio of BSE stock investments NSE stock investments Mutual Fund investments Users can manage their portfolio using the following features: Add BSE/NSE/MF investment Delete BSE/NSE/MF investment, Modify and Search BSE/NSE/MF investment. Learn more about the application and download it from

Imagine if you could have the opportunity to go online, and buy the right stock that was just about to go skyrocket the moment that you just bought a bunch of shares. Well, wait no more. We are not talking about any scheme to “time the market”. Subscribe to this newsletter and see the power of many helping the need of one. That is my friend. An old very simple concept, that works.

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