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Sellers attraction increase for price of WIPRO.


Last we have given 4 calls to paid subscribers and they enjoyed it. Moday, TATAMOTORS given by use to PAID SUBSCSRIBERS and they enjoyed it.

  • ATR is at 6.2
  • Common calculation base on ATR, closed price 287.7 + 6.2 = R 293.9
  • Magnetic Control price can attract price as target already.
  • Value high is little far, @297-298
  • Intraday R293.9 nearby.

This stock will attract by seller and pullback chance are higher. LIVE I WILL UPDATE THIS stock for Subscriber, if time permit then i will do here for you.

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  1. Very nicely explane in the chart and also to the point and it has hit the price also what is written in the chart. Thank you….. i have booked a profit.

  2. i want to subscribe your service i was observing moneymonch chart and analysis since many days and every chart is perfect. i like to subscribe. please give me guidance how to subscribe.

  3. Moneymonch provide very perfect analysis. I have traded and got a lot profit. Thank you for helping us in trading.

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