MSFT: Bears Have Taken Control Over Bulls

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MSFT has accomplished the corrective wave (b) and started falling for wave (c) of wave (4).

Traders can expect the following targets: 289 – 272 – 265 for wave (c). Here, 273 is the Fibonacci level of 50% of the wave. This level will act as a crucial level.

An uptrend is only possible after the breakout of the parallel channel.
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EURCAD: Bullish Scenario is Active!

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EURCAD is forming a downtrend channel.
Price is establishing a final sub-wave 5 of wave (5).

In my previous idea, I have mentioned that, If the price breaks down channel C, the following targets for Wave 5 will be 1.4313 – 1.42520 – 1.41652- 1.41156.
Price reached all the targets of wave (5).

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Currently, the price is heaving correction, but safe traders can enter after the breakout of the C channel.

After making wave (5), if the price breaks the B channel, it can go for 1.4377 – 1.4466 – 1.4569 – 1.4645+. And Price will start a new 5-wave impulse structure. Invalidation is available for premium subscribers.

Please note that without a breakout, trend changes may not be possible.

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