Again NIFTY trading at value low of the channel.

Yesterday, I suggested to buy NIFTY future aug 10900 nearby when its created a TAIL at the value low. After it was moved to our target intraday target with the high of 11052 (150 points pull back from low). Today, we have seen GAP down openning.

Nifty again trading at value low where trader always think for buying.

For spot nifty 10860 below it will be value low.

Intraday support 10835 for spot nifty which attract buyers.

Below call was for SUBSCRIBERS

BUY NIFTY Aug. 10915 nearby with stoploss 10878 and targets intraday 10988-11068 intraday 



Down wave of FLAG pattern over… Now ready for up…!

PULLBACK is clear… stay above 11000 can nifty future test 11111 and 11187

Buy NIFTY with Tail


Pullback target 10980 and more 11011 intraday

Protective stoploss 10875.

REMARKET: suppose to close NIFTY future aug above 11025 above.. then hold your whole position for targets 11111 and 11244

Reliance Ind. always move in Triangle, is it?

We have been taking SUPER profit on AUROPHARMA future, JUBLFOOD future, and in LAST update of reliance “We had taken huge profit.”. Again, We are at value low at Reliance with an excess. I always prefer to buy at excess in Steps buying. Click here to check last perfect excutation of RELIANCE ind.

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Trade plan for NIFTY after (Bear Direction)

Symmetrical Triangle(Bear Direction)
Now are in responsive move, this responsive move has much strength for PullBack.

Trading 11045 above, is bullish for targets 11208 and 11273 nearby as 38.2% retracement of total fall.

If you think for positive: buy 11055-11080 Protective stop 11050 below for the targets intraday R 11155 nearby and next targets 11208 and 11270.

NOTE: We are already long for NIFTY FUTURE in lower level. above all level are for spot nifty. Here is the refernece of long positon taken CLICK HERE.

Remark: in case of Higher gap opening, we will change our level for subscribers. This is premarket researched.  

The NIFTY was opened with “GAP down“.  Therefore, we are going to change our levels.

Above all level was for SPOT nifty, Let me write here NSE AUG. NIFTY future level.

(live updated) Buy NIFTY future AUG 11000-11025 and Stoploss 10970 below targets will be same 11150 and 11208 and 11272

Best strategy to buy is following:

Trade 1) : buying NIFTY future Aug. at 11005 nearby

Trade 2) buying nifty future aug. 10975 nearby

wait for 60min. to bounce from now.


Both orders are triggered with the low of NIFTY future AUG. at 110971.

This fall was extended because of expiry, Last hrs we are going to expected bounce back with retracement.

BUY BUY and Buy for Recover if you trade in last call of NIFTY future.

Pullback target 10970-10980 and more 11011

Protective stoploss 10875.
This call given all INTRADAY

BankNifty target 28345 nearby and pullback with time.

Previous support existing at 28530
and intraday target 28342 of Chanel.

Finally, intraday support is at 28340 nearby.
We may see a pullback 11 o clock nearby.

  • Long term tight channel since 2016.
  • 3 excesses at the value and one excess at value low.
  • 5 waves are completed.
  • A previous Resistance and Wave(3) at 28227(can be upcoming support).
  • 50 days moving average is at 28080 nearby (too far for work as support).
  • Measurement of all falls mentioned in the chart, as per this measurement expected current until 13th Aug 2019(approx. plotted).

Conclusion: From a longer perspective, there is a still Problem in Banknifty,

Updated at 9:35 AM 31st July 2019

PLAN A : SELL BANKNIFTY AUG future 28935 nearby and stoploss 28950 above fort targets 28725 and 28465-28500 intraday


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Detection Turning candle at value low (low of Channel). Normal pull-back should be above 11120 above on spot nifty.

Real support of the channel is at 10958 nearby. We have seen two recent Candle which is sign for PULLBACK . I was expecting pull-back after 11 o clock. 


TRADE PLAN A: Buy NIFTY future aug. 10915-10950 with stoploss of 10900 and targets 11125-111227

TRADE PLAN B: BUY NF aug. 11035 above with stoploss 11000 for targets 11125-11145 and 11190

How will you decide next move for NIFTY?

We are winner of NIFTY researches all times.

HighLight tail with Yellow color at value low.
 -> Tail detect each time when price taken U-turn.

Wave counting 5 are completed.

Gravitating price is at 11340 as a target.
(suppose to close above 11357, then the next target will be 11468 (more than 90% probabilities).

We may face Resistance at control price 11340 nearby, for target 11189.

95% chance to win if create a TAIL at value for U-Turn. Bullish Candle: candle closed of previous 3 candles.

To see the following Researches, I suggest you take some time important for you.

WAITING for Active below call for subscribers.

Sell in the zone 11300-11325 with stops above 11364.
Targets  11200 and 11136


30th July updated in 2019.

Intraday target 11268-11284 and control can attract nifty toward 11334 very soon. Look at below intraday chart.


Wait more update shortly.