Nifty has two-sided assumption found

Yesterday, I have clearly mentioned in  chart to buy nifty with up buy arrow. Nifty exactly following our level.


Deeply researched on last Sunday for NIFTY which has a clear picture of what will be for it?

If I talk to you very frankly, there is two road-map for nifty and, from which it will follow that I don’t know.


Intraday support 11663 nearby where buyers can take positon.

Resistance plated on at chart 11705.

  • Maximum Put writing was seen around 11,500.
  • Positive global cues.
  • Investments are likely to pick up after the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.
  • Appeared today, fight between buyers and sellers inwhich seller has not much strenghth.


support for nifty future at 11702-11709 where buyers can think to buy with stop 20p stoploss and targets 11768-11815

R 11768 is rsistance for nifty future.

below to 11700, becareful with long

Below both call given to subscribers…!

BUY YESBANK 270 strike PUT 8.5 t 9.35 with stoploss of 8.2 and targets 12.2 – 15

BUY PUT OF NIFTY strike 11700 70-76 with stoploss 65 and targets 121-148 (CMP 79) wait for range


Who has controlled on BANKNIFTY, how?

We are again coming with BANKNIFTY analysis.


In the chart, it’s clearly visible that the strength of the buyers is much higher than the sellers. If a resistance not considered then, the next target is against our eye at 30389.

  • Positive global cues.
  • Investments are likely to pick up after the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.
  • Appeared today, fight between buyers and sellers inwhich seller has not much strenghth.
DABUR india

If we found long term buyers on DABUR, … enter!

This is NSE equity daily chart of DABUR India.

DABUR india

we will see long term buyers will attract this stock.
Best buy level starts 390-396.

I expect the tail 390/396 and will update it live with targets.

I will update for subscribers after market open this stock with exact level for trade.


Trade setup on HDFC in advance for safe traders

After the long time, I have came back stock future scripts for FREE. 


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Seller area 2029-2042 for targets 1992-5.
How will you decide to short it this range or wait?
Hits: 2X/3x volume while the range, then short sell it.

Future Level for HDFC:

R 2055-68 nearby for targets 2008-12

Daily Chart Time frame with ATR and, neutral supply and demand zone.


Outlook for intraday: with projected levels to speculate.

In the last update, We have suggested to Buy PUT 11700 @40 -64 and it was not achieve the targets (high was made 88)


SPOT NIFTY: 11660 below, Nifty require to update new projection. Projected prediction for intraday with R 11778 nearby and S 11712.

Nifty future: Resistance is 11827-11841 and below to 11750, Nifty can fall more…

  • World markets are mixed and flat.
  • Dont suggest to take any long position, R 11760 spot nifty.
  • No real need to panic buy in advance because, anything can happen (no reason to act in a panic either in buying or in selling)

Nifty follow exactly followed exactly our projection:

Below call given to subscribers:

sell NF 11789-11798 with stoploss of 11824 targets 11724 and 11611-11578


There has been a lot of profit booking by Fund-Managers on NIFTY

Suppose to close below or trade below 11760 nifty, then hold position for our mentioned targets… selling pressure are seen.


As we saw yesterday, there has been a lot of profit booking by Fund-Managers. Although daily candle appears technically DOGI, this is single of change trend.

Nifty price is still above 50MA and 200MA as plotted in chart also, which indicating positive bias in the short term.

Cash Nifty:
selling expected is 11729 to 11748 and below 11580 below is confirmation of changing trend.

Nifty Future:
Selling are not suggested 11786-11796 if you not acted yesterday.
below to 11715, it can more and selling pressure expected continue.

ATR is till normal which means not started down trend.