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Trading Cherries for you and You should not miss it.

stock-futureHerein few trading cherries stock are help you get some profit if you consider at right time. If possible, I will update every some scripts for you, kindly comment here if you like these stocks.

Put the alert of 2640, after breaking it you can take advantage of 2607 to 2577. Yes, this stock is bearish 2700 below.
In otherword, Bullish only above 2700 above!


This will be the fourth day if it closed in green. (NSE Stock Fut.)
Between the 1118 and 1125, buyers will take their enter with risk of 1113 (low of day), this stock has all-time high at 1187. Suppose to cross it, then you can much more profit 1200+.

JINDALSTEEL (NSE stock future)
140 to 141 is the best level for seller if this stock unble to cross 142.5. Suppose that, Jindalsteel is bearish then, you can choose target 131-126 very soon.

HINDALO (NSE stock future)
This stock has great parallel resistance point 207/208 nearby, yes… traders will short this stock for 3-5 trading secession targets 199 and 191 for deep.

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  1. You are real guru for excellant prediction of stocks.I always wait for ur updation.Iwould be grateful if you update levels of stocks stated in mail.

  2. I shall observe & try to grab the opportunity. Also shall wait for your next advice. Thanks.

  3. Sir thank you very much, Now I have a big profit in Macdowell, Target is achieved

  4. I sell macdowell 3 lot at level 2700 and buy 2577
    into this big profit aroung 1 lakh, just week thank you

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