BIG QUESTION: How to decide live commodity market movement and stocks up-down movement?

supply and demandThoughtful why and how commodity prices move? UP or DOWN is the basis for your success in trading commodities. There are a lot of commodity traders away there who are trying to take your money – it’s a fight connecting you and them. You have to be able to take in this understanding into your usual research on commodities to income from those moves. Otherwise, you may be fighting a losing battle.

Commodity Market Prices: commodity markets can be extremely madcap and it may appear similar to there is no reason to their movement. “If someone has been trading for more than 10 years and he is still shocked at the way prices can move about.

For commodity prices move – I can say one thing only “Supply and Demand matters
If supply smaller than price tend to move higher. Similarly, bigger supplies usually indicate down price.

Nowadays, if you are fresh to the markets, you are probably doubtful how are you supposed to perform all this research and shape out whether there will be less supply or demand. The answer is that you do not have to accomplish every part of the figure munching. There are plenty of analysts out there to do it for you. Your work is to collect the information and make a decision which method you believe prices should move about.

Openness is your power – cleanness is your energy – blamelessness is skill

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