FREE Commodity MCX Copper, Zinc, Aluminium & NCDEX Guar gum intraday tips

In commodity market metal sector commodities are looking weak for today. Gold and Silver will start to run downward soon. I will update both technical charts and fundamental view soon for premium subscribers with report.

mcx copper

Copper may show you high volatility or might move up for some time but overall looks down for today. You will look copper at 397 level!

mcx zinc

Go and sell on top!
Targets: 141.3 – 139.7
Hurdle: 145.2
S/L: For premium subscribers!

aluminium tips

If aluminum close and cross below 112.5 level then you can carry it for 111.6-110.9-110.3 levels!
Exact time + Exact level + Stop loss = Premium members only!

guargum ncdex - gurgam

Yesterday Guar gum closed at 11100 level in Rs.-390 loss.
If it opens today downside then try to sell on top.

Targets: 10920 – 10710 below

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FREE Commodity MCX Natural gas and NCDEX Guar gum tips

natural gas

Today natural gas is looking strong. Opening may be weak but overall trend is up. Buy in deep.
COMEX Targets: $2.785 – $2.8
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Exact time + Exact level + Stoploss = For premium subscribers only!

guargum ncdex - gurgam

Guargum closed in loss -80 at 8340 level. If guar gum open positive then we may see 8560 – 8710 and if it open downward then we can see 8000 level.
Remember, opening bell is very important here.

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Commodity updates: Crude oil, Lead, Chana, Coriander & Guargum

mcx lead

What I said about MCX Lead on last Wednesday (25 Feb)?
I said in bold words, “Write down anywhere because you will 107.8-106.8
money munch mcx ncdex bag
I had written that when lead running 109.2 above. What else you want, huh?
Lead all targets blast..!!!

MCX Crude oil Tips

Do you know, what I had  written in password protected zone for my premium subscribers?
Look below my mobile screenshot!
MCX Crude oil tips

ncdex chana charddel

Do you remember on 25th Feb I also said about NCDEX Chana?
First, click here and read my newsletter again.
I said that “Buy as deep as you can because shortly we will see 3700 to 3750 level
goat gif

And on last Friday Chaana hit my first target..
What you expect now?
Will it touch our second target or not?
I will say to my premium subscribers!

NCDEX Coriander tips update

Read my 29th Feb newsletter, there I said, “Coriander is best commodity product of NCDEX and for sell. If you able to sell it then sell it now and hold. My intact target: 6000
Do you know, coriander made low 6045 and near to our target. Tell me, what else you need..???

NCDEX Guargum tips update

Oh god, I forget to remind you. Do you know on 20th Feb I updated live intraday Guargum tips?
Click here to remind it.

Girl hitting gif
In just 20min guargum all target blast!
Now more profitable calls and newsletter I will update for premium subscriber.

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Commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil, Lead, CPO and NCDEX Guar gum tips – All targets touched!

mcx gold

Just two days back (29th April), what I said to you about Gold?
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I had written,“If today gold close below 28960 then we can expect downside around 28700-28500 below.”
guitar gif
Look, Gold closed and crossed 28960 and kissed my first target on next day and second target from only -10 left to hit…!!!
Mint money & Just enjoy..!!!

ncdex gargum jdr

Just two days back before market opening bell what I said about Guargum?
Click here to see it
I said, “Just keep in mind, opening bell should be positive. Targets: 14,737-14,900+”
Guargum all targets completed @ same day..

mcx lead

What I said about Lead on 25 April to you?
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I said, “Wait for exact time and level because it go down from present position.
Note, if it close below 129 then it will kiss 126-124 level without any doubt.”

I told above statement when it was running at 130…
It kissed my first target day before yesterday, enjoy..!!!
Now, what you expect? Where to put new position for upper side targets? I will say it to my paid members only!

mcx cpo

On 25th April, I had also written about CPO.
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I said, “Nowadays CPO is best commodity. You should sell it on top as you can and forget it!
Targets: 563-560-558.5 below
Don’t forget to keep patience.”

gif gun
I said above when it was running at 567 level and just yesterday it kissed my all targets and made low 554.9.. Enjoy!!!

mcx-crude oil

What I said about crude oil on 23rd April?
Click here to see it
I said, “SELL MCX CRUDE OIL @ 6220 ABOVE/BELOW S/L 6242 TARGETS: 6190-6150

gif media politician
Next day, crude oil completed all targets..!!!

For 2 days only – 6 Members remaining..!
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Commodity MCX / NCDEX Tips on Gold, Silver, Lead, Guargum & Cocudakl


Today is very crucial day for gold and it was closed at 28970 with profit +65 rupees. If today gold close below 28960 then we can expect downside around 28700-28500 below. But we’re expecting rally upward continue with targets: 29190-29260-29370. (Look Gold historical technical chart)

Take your judgment manually and build income. If you want to earn safely with exact time, level and with stoploss then subscribe Moneymunch commodity service.

mcx silver


I had written about Lead on 25th April, click here to know lead tips for today!

guargum ncdex - gurgam

Just keep in mind, opening bell should be positive. Targets: 14,737-14,900+
Free users for S/L yesterday low!

ncdex cocudakl cotton seeds

Yesterday, cocudakl was broken 8 month high and closed 1591(+15) positive. New targets: 1601-1612

If it close below 1580 level then downtrend will start otherwise you can buy without worry upto 1667!
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