FREE MCX Gold, Crude oil, Natural gas & Potato tips

mcx natural gas chart tips

Look above Natural gas chart, you see it breaks almost 6.1/2 months low and closed below. This week, we are expecting down trend upto 246-241. Sell on Top!
More information and intraday targets with S/L updated to subscribers only!

mcx gold

I am going to write again what I had written before on June 25, 2014 (Click Me to Read that again!) about Gold. Intraday Resistance of Gold: 27878 level. If Gold closes above resistance, then we’ll look at 28068-28326 level soon… Or if it crushes and close below 27548 level for 2 consecutive days then we’ll see new bloodbath in Gold soon… +New Targets: 27318-27277-27168

mcx crude oil

Crude oil is best and 110% hot for everyone.
Hurdle level: 6300
Targets: 6178-6147
More information will be updated soon for paid members with S/L!


Potato is best MCX commodity for small traders. Buy without any worry with targets: 1428-1438 to 1450
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FREE Commodity MCX Copper, Lead, Potato and Tips

mcx lead

Who wants to move safely? Keep your smart eyes on it.
Long term targets: 133.5-134.4-135.3+
110% Hot commodity!
Above are long term targets, means you should wait for a couple of days or maybe 2 weeks! But I just want to inform, wait for exact time and level because it goes down from present position – around 129.5 or more.
Note, if it closes below 129 then it will kiss 126-124 level without any doubt. More information by time, I will update for members only.


mcx ncdex cpo

Nowadays CPO is the best commodity. You should sell it on top as you can and forget it!
Targets: 563-560-558.5 below
Don’t forget to keep patience.

mcx copper

You want to know about copper direction? Let’s go in my past newsletter / email: Click here to see copper tips. That newsletter was published on 7 April and call is activating now. Let’s see, what’ll happen in coming days!

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Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Natural gas, Copper, Cardamom, Potato tips

mcx copper

Are you thinking to buy copper for long term? O, wait a minute… don’t become in trap of copper movement… If copper close below 396 level this week for 2 consecutive days then we’ll look at 380-371 levels again.
Buyers, just relax and wait for consecutive closing above 408 level for 1-2 trading session. If copper successfully stay @ 408 or above then we’ll look at 420-426-432+

ncdex cardamom free tips

I don’t need to explain anything… Targets: 907-916-928
Remember, stoploss provided only to member..

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Everybody is talking about MCX Potato, I should to tell you once, “Targets: 1297-1319-1334+“. (S/L will provided to members only!)

MCX Natural gas

House Republicans will move ahead this week with legislation to accelerate exports of American natural gas, which supporters fight will aid Europe and Ukraine break their dependence on Russian petroleum as well as cut Moscow’s power in the region.

United States – government could do much at no cost to promote private investment – including authorizing oil and natural gas exports, bringing clarity to the future of corporate taxes and moving forward on trade agreements that open up foreign markets. (reuters)

“+RIL and Solicitor general Mohan Parasaran’s, who on April 3 tried to defend the Centre’s decision to double the prices of natural gas before the Supreme Court,” AAP said.

Anyway, let’s move to direct main topic… This weak Natural gas is looking downward. Two major resistances are 274-288
Targets: 260-250 below

mcx gold silver

Finally, gold and silver had taken a small U-Turn on last week. From technical chart base gold and silver markets are forever cyclical…
Continue reading more about Gold / Silver reports Only subscribrs see, what will happen in next week…

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Commodity MCX Tips: know where Gold will go & Lead and potato analysis

mcx gold

The re-entry of China into the market thus you can say Gold prop come back! I was updated about Gold on 4 Feb, 2014 with short term tips. I had written, “Intermediate term traders for targets: 29970-30080” and MCX Gold was kissed my all targets in one trading session.

Today, what are you expecting about Gold? After re-entry of China, gold will move upside or downside?

You want to know where Gold will go then subscribe commodity tips now. members, please log in to view full Gold analysis with Chart:

mcx lead tips

Lead is taking U-turn, if today it opens upside that mean you should buy it. Targets: 132.2-132.7
Remember, it should be open upside. If it opens downside then I’m sure, lead will try to kiss 131-130 again!

mcx potatos tips

Want to make your intraday first trade safe? Then go with MCX Potato [Last close: 1120.9], targets: 1127-1131-1137
Opening bell is very important and stoploss for free users yesterday low!
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MCX UPDATE: Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Copper, Zinc, Potato, CPO & Lead

mcx silver

Did you read last Gold & Silver newsletter? I was told you, MCX Bullion sector is very weak for next few weeks. Anyway, Intraday traders Go and sell silver without any worry.
Targets: 45,034 – 44,690 – 44,433
More information with S/L for member, but remembers opening bell is very important here…
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mcx crude oil

On last newsletter, I was told to sell crude oil for long term and it’s all targets was blasted. But for today, go and sell it again…!
Targets: 5713-5639
Remember, its hurdle is “opening bell”. More information for member.

mcx copper

I am not here to guide you stop loss / targets / levels etc. I just want to give you alert: it last station is 429.5 level. I expect, smart traders understand – what I want to tell you!

mcx cpo

For small traders only, check CPO Opening bell. Once it opens upward then buy buy buy without any worry!
Targets: 567-569
Remember, opening bell is very important here…!

mcx potato

Targets for smart trader: 878-875-871-866

I will update further information soon.

mcx lead

Traders, lead last stop station are 125.9 level & hurdle 127.5. Just keep your eyes on it only!

MCX Natural Gas

Sell natural gas with targets: 226.6 – 225.1
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