FREE MCX Gold, Aluminium, Zinc & NCDEX Gurchmuzr tips


Comex Gold (XAU USD) is looking strong, and we’ll see MCX Gold closing, 28986+ soon. Big investors don’t need to accumulate their profit and small investor should to put their money here for short term but don’t forget to buy in deep.

MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium is 110% Hot commodity!
Every trader can Buy in deep. No risk!
Short term target: 126-127
Long term target: 129

mcx zinc

If you’re going to buy / sell zinc, then wait for exact support & resistance.
Support: 139.2
Resistance: 145.6
Now smart trader can understand what to do with exact support and resistance!

ncdex cardamom

Small traders, Go and Buy MCX Cardamom. Targets: 987-993

NCDEX Gurchmuzr tips

NCDEX Gurchmuzr breaks almost 5 months low and closed @ 1153 in -9 rupees. NCDEX Intraday traders can go and sell it without any worry. Opening bell should be negative. Targets: 1144-1137.

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Commodity MCX / NCDEX Gold, Silver, Gurchmuzr, Jeera, Chana… tips!

mcx gold and silver

Today, MCX Gold and Silver is looking downward from opening bell but overall up! Gold comes in fear zone thus make your any discussion carefully.
I will update more due to market hours for members only!

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ncdex gur
NCDEX Gurchmuzr

Sell sell sell!
Targets: 1174-1162 below

NCDEX jeera

Read our 8th Apr newsletter/email, I had already written targets: 9670-9586 below
On 8th Apr, I had also written about Guard seed and Guargum. Both touched my all targets next day!

ncdex chana charddel

If you want to go safely, then sell Chana without any worry!
Close your eyes and go with it. Sell on every rise…
Targets: 2995-2981-2967 below

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Outlook of NCDEX Dhaniya, Gurchmuzr, Castor seed, Soy bean, Cocudakl & Chana

Dhaniya ncdex tip

NCDEX Dhaniya can’t find a bottom. Taking a fresh look at this market, I would prefer to sell Dhaniya. Once it close below 6026 level then it will touch 5980 – 5941 – 5837 – 5732 levels.

Yes, you should to keep in mind 6026 level because if will not close below this level then buyers come back and it will kiss 6141 – 6221 – 6281 level.


ncdex gur
110% looking hot! You can eat money easily from it but I will say due to market only for subscribers.



One of my favorite commodities! See below end of day (EOD) chart of castor seed to perceive future:
Here, As per indicator study, 93% chances to move downward and only 7% chance to see upward. I just want to say you, go and sell it without worry. I will not write stoploss here because it is available for subscribers but short term targets is 3444 – 3417 – 3394 – 3367 – 3340 below!




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NCDEX Patato, Gurchmuzr MCX Crude Oil Gold & Silver Tips

NCDEX Gurchmuzr(Last close: 940.20)

ncdex gur

101% a big cheese know something!

Gurchmuzr will rally to kiss 935

there after watch unexpected price level of 956 – 960 in two days only

crude oil - black gold

Just, 3 days back(9 November 2010)

I written Don’t SELL crude oil, it will touch 3900

Crude Oil target blast


MCX Tips
mcx gold and silver

If gold break 20215 then big battle will start for today….

Watch very carefully level 20215

If crossover it then it can go 20094 – 20000

Expecting Gold to move like rocket in two days

Special Notes
Natural Gas: Yesterday, I written to buy it and make profit book @ 190

Natural gas just missed 0.3 to target.

What you expect today?

Yes, my subscribers know…

Copper – Set Stoploss 384 and make still position on copper.


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