Free forex tips on Global & Indian Currency pairs


After 3 days of positive trend current rise should over near 1.3671 then it may move down to 1.3611 – 1.3595 levels.
For Long term traders – If the market stays below 1.3641 a fall to 1.3530 is expected. But once market break the point 1.3696 it could bounce to new high.

forex eurusd

forex gbpusd


It should continue rally to 1.6460 – 1.6485. After which a pullback to 1.6379 – 1.6359 zone is possible.
As per weekly chart Market should hold major support at 1.6205 before rising towards 1.6487 – 1.6558.



Market should go down to 0.8307 – 0.8303 area. If this crucial support zone holds then it must resume higher to 0.8331 – 0.8353 zone.

forex eurgbp

forex audusd


It looks likely that it would rise to 0.8998 – 0.9036 from 0.8923 or before. After which a downside move is expected.

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Forex EURUSD & EURGBP Global Currency Tips


The currency pair must test 1.3732 – 1.3772 in next trading days only if holds support at 1.3625. Intraday traders can take position after 1.3675. Safe traders must keep stop loss at 1.3645.


It should continue to rally to 0.8336 or 0.8372 if hold support of 0.8266. After which a pullback to 0.8236 – 0.8200 zone is possible.

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targets: 0.8677 – 0.8660

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on 22th july I told you about EURUSD, did you remember ?

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some traders just watch it…

some traders just read it…

but smart trader’s trade on it

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Ok it’s time to move on… this is the time to trade on eurgbp (Euro Vs. Great Britain Pound)

USDINR(US Dollar Vs. Indian Rupees) & EURINR(Euro Vs. Indian Rupees)

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but yes there is something that I can tell you

buy GBPAUD @ 1.6254

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go for target’s

1.6339 -1.6387 – 1.6446

if you’re steel heart trader, then you can wait for 1.6507


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