Will MCX Gold Prices Touch 49000?

free commodity market gold daily chart & trading calls

According to the above chart, gold is playing between the green area. Currently, it’s close to the 50100 level. This level breakout will hit hard on MCX gold prices. And we can see the following target prices in the upcoming days: 49880 – 49500 – 49160

But what will happen if it remains above 50100? My answer is straightforward for you. STOP SELLING! This level can turn off the downtrend, and gold prices will start moving forward.

So where can you buy/sell? Accurate entry-level + targets + stop loss = available for premium members only.

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Bajaj Finserv – Can buyers face falling knives?

nse bajaj finserv chart calls

Timeframe: 8h

Price started to form impulsive wave C after Bajaj Finserv completed correction wave B. There is also the possibility of altering the count with W-X-Y.

Wave (b) retraced 50% of wave (a), which signals intense supply pressure. If the price breaks wave (a) at 1621, traders can sell for the following targets:Continue reading

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