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Important Notice: Website Security Incident and Content Impact

Urgent Announcement: Website Security Breach and Content Impacted

Moneymunch important annoucementDear esteemed readers,
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by a recent security breach on our website. It has come to our attention that our website has been subjected to a SQL injection attack, resulting in the infection of our entire content, articles, and images.

We fully acknowledge the significance of providing reliable and secure information, and we are taking immediate action to address this issue. Our dedicated team is diligently working towards cleansing the website, eliminating the malicious code, and restoring all affected content to its original state.

We would like to emphasize that the security and integrity of our website, as well as the protection of your personal information, are paramount to us. We are implementing enhanced security measures to prevent any potential recurrence of such incidents in the future.

Nevertheless, resolving this matter will require a reasonable amount of time. We kindly request your patience and cooperation as we strive to implement a comprehensive solution. Our estimation suggests that the restoration process will likely take approximately 7 working days, with our target resolution date set for the 7th of July.

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Notice: Launch of Option 101 Course Exclusively for Premium Subscribers

Dear Premium Subscribers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Option 101 course exclusively for our valued premium members. This comprehensive beginner’s guide to options trading aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of options with confidence and proficiency.

As a premium subscriber, you will have the privilege of receiving one premium option educational article daily at 05:00 pm IST (Indian Standard Time) for a duration of 101 days. These carefully curated articles will offer valuable insights, strategies, and practical tips, ensuring a solid foundation in options trading.

To access this exclusive course, we kindly invite you to upgrade your subscription to our premium membership. By taking this step, you will gain access to a wealth of educational content and resources tailored to enhance your trading acumen. Seize this opportunity to expand your skills and maximize your potential returns in the options market.

For our esteemed free subscribers, we extend an invitation to join our premium membership and enjoy the benefits of the Option 101 course, along with a range of additional advantages. By upgrading today, you will embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a knowledgeable and confident options trader.

We express our sincere appreciation for your continued support and dedication to our platform. It is with great excitement that we present this valuable educational resource to you. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your growth and accomplishments as you explore the world of options.

Best regards,
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Top 7 Islamic Forex Brokers with Swap-Free Trading Accounts in 2023

What is Islamic forex account?

Islamic accounts, also referred to as swap-free accounts, are a type of trading account offered by some financial institutions, including forex brokers. These accounts are designed to cater to the needs of Muslim traders who wish to engage in online trading while adhering to the principles of Shariah law, which prohibits the charging or receiving of interest. In Islamic accounts, no swap or rollover fee is charged when positions are held open overnight, making them suitable for traders who wish to avoid interest-based transactions.

In this article, we will provide a list of the 7 most reputable Islamic forex brokers and outline their key features, enabling religious traders to choose the best option for their trading account in 2023. These brokers offer swap-free trading accounts, allowing traders to hold overnight positions without incurring any interest charges, such as swap or rollover fees. In addition, it facilitates the creation of an account without compromising one’s religious beliefs.

1. Fxview
Topping our list of the best trading brokers is Fxview, a highly regarded brokerage with a rapidly expanding client base, owing to their ability to cater to the needs of all trader types, including Continue reading

Server and Website Maintenance Notification & Updation – Feb 2019

updateDear readers,
In the last weekend, we have performed routine server maintenance and upgrade hardware on the server environment for performance and scalability.

We have new updated the following pages: FrontPage, Login, Contact Us, etc.

To become a subscriber, subscribe to our free newsletter services. Our service is free for all.

Thank you!
– Moneymunch team

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