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Rao Birender Singh

Dear Guruji, I am your member of “Yahoo Group called Intradaycalls” since 2 years and watching your free service which is Excellent and fantastic research on NSE and MCX and NCDEX. but I am facing problem to getting your emails delay sometimes. Is there a solution OR How to connect with you without delay?

Team Moneymunch

Respected Member of Yahoo Group,

I have discussed with Yahoo Group Customer care regarding this Delay Email Service by Yahoo Group.

Incase of do not supporting by Yahoo Group Supports, We will solve with new idea with 15-20 Days.

We are committing you to making it as fast as possible to resolve your complaint regarding DELAY EMAIL SERVICES. We’d like to discuss the details of your case with you directly so your concerns can be resolved as quickly as possible, therefore Kindly provide detail last 5 emails receiving TIME.

Please, Keep patience. We’d like to solve your problems and issues.

Thank you.
Team of MoneyMunch.com


Rao Birender Singh

Dear Guruji, I will be happy if i can do something for your moneymunch and yahoo group cause, I talked you earlierly about my financial problems to paying Fees in my study. I am earning sufficient money by trading via your FREE researches and analysis. I sent email you with attachment of Excel-Sheet files with time and email receiving. I have last 3 delay emails sheet. I hope “This problem will solve very soon” Thanks again Guruji. Regards, Rao Birender Singh

Team Moneymunch

Respected member of MoneyMunch.com, Thanks to support us to solving your complaining regarding delay service. We have moved from Yahoo Group Service to Premium Mail Service. Follow below steps and insert your email id, Your Delay Service problem have been solved by us. Join For NSE : Free Stock Tips Join for Commodity : Free Commodity Tips and Join for Forex : Free Forex Tips After joining this new email service, I can Promised you that you will not face any delay problem. Again Thank you very much to support for improving moneymunch.com services. Is there any other problem, please inform us. Regards, Team of Moneymunch.com