MCX Silver’s Next Target 65200 by the Elliott Wave

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Here, I have applied Elliott wave, moving average, volume, and MACD. Wave 4 can be steady or sideways for a while. Overall, silver is in an uptrend. Safe investors can buy silver at wave 4 for the following levels:

Intraday Targets: 62100 – 63300
Positional Targets: 64260 – 65200

At present, moving average and MACD throwing upward signal by crossover. Technically, multiple volume spikes are a great sign of a bullish trend.

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Commodity MCX tips on Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas…

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MCX Gold is looking weak for this week. Maximum it can move downside upto 28790-28548-28103 level. Gold can take U-Turn from 28,326 level so keep this in your mind.
If Gold make closing above 29158 level then understand it will kiss 29660 – 30000 level.

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What you think about Silver move..???
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110% Looking downward without any doubt.
Intraday + Short term targets: 5943-5884-5833-5800
Remember, keep your eyes on 6070 level because once it close above this level then you will big boom in crude price.
Smart term, keep in your mind: exact time + exact level + stoploss = for paid subscribers only!

MCX Natural gas

Go & Sell, if you look negative opening bell.
Targets: 252.2-251.1

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Guesstimate of MCX: Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Menthaoil & Zinc

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Gold & Silver: Gold is looking consolidate where Support – 21794 and Resistance – 22188. We’ll think after crossover any one (Resistance OR Support). We are watching continue consolidate and moreover safe traders can play one game. There BUY & SELL with small quantity for slight profit. MCX Silver will make similar way like MCX Gold. Where bit different walk style and I’ll say it to my subscribers.

Note: Zinc, Nickel, Copper & Menthaoil looking weak.
If you want to know exact level of MCX Silver, Zinc, Nickel, Copper & Menthaoil than subscribe our service full view of market.