MCX NCDEX Newsletter: Gold, Silver, Mentha oil, Pepper & Steel Long

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mcx gold silver

What I had written yesterday about MCX Gold & Silver?
Buy Gold @ 22895 & Buy Silver @ Opening bell
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As I said, silver moved & made new high
Yesterday as I said, silver targets: 58238 – 58676+
And Gold made all time new high
Yes, my subscribers bought gold @ 22895 and still lion heart subscribers holding. Yes, my safe subscribers booked profit @ 23000.
Means all free readers & paid subscribers in profit and enjoying our calls so on this moment I’m remembering one song…


ncdex pepper

Lion Heart Traders come with me
Make double dhamal in NCDEX
Buy Peper @ Opening bell without worry
Targets: 28400 – 28587
(Safe traders for bad line: 27890)

Yes, my subscribers minting money daily from market. Who subscribed my service? He/She can watch more update of market where Mentha oil, Steel Long..

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