UPDATE: DHANIYA & SYBEAN All targets blasttt – ENJOY!!!

Dhaniya ncdex tip

I had written about Dhaniya 24th June 2011
“Close your eyes and sell it without worry”
Targets: 4081 – 4053 – 4010
First target blastttt Enjoy!!!
Did you see it or miss it?
What you expect now about Dhaniya?
Will it touch second & third targets or not?

sybean soya bean tip

Take one hammer and hit on your head
You know I said, “Expecting more down: No arguments – No comments
I had written 3 targets for SYBEAN on 24th June 2011
Targets was 2271 – 2265 – 2257
All targets blasttttt

gif dancer

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UPDATE: Cardamom Targets blast

cardamom mcx ncdex

” Who want to do just profit? “

Refresh your memory & try to remind above line

I had written on 24 Dec 2010,

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Cardamom Jan made high 1583.7

My Targets was 1550 – 1576 – 1600

My 1st & 2nd targets blast 1576, this is small charismas gift you

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Now what you expect about Cardamom?

Just wait & watch for next target

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Copper: Target fired

mcx copper

What I expected today’s morning about copper?

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I said, Intraday Traders SELL Copper, It’ll touch 413.5 – 411.5

Watch now, as I expected first target fired

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Did you see it or miss it?

What you expect now?

It’ll go down more or not?

I’ll update more subscribers only