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mcx gold silver tips

Yesterday as I said, silver moved & achieved our first target
Now what to do in Gold & Silver?

Just go and BUY GOLD
Targets: 26778 – 26933 – 27424+
It’ll touch our targets within 4 sessions

Yes, Stoploss & Exact time-Exact level for BUY for my Subscribers only
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Hot FREE tips – MCX Gold & Silver

mcx gold tip

What we should to do in this situation?
Yes, intraday traders work is go with air way in-last whatever situation..
I have something for Intraday & Short Term Traders
Just go & sell silver
Targets: 59342 – 58812
Above, I said to SELL it means not it’s direction change.. Long Term Traders can stay on it in any situation for my last target 68100 – 70000
Anyway, exact time & exact level with stoploss – Subscribers only

I’m going to write about MCX Gold & Crude Oil in half hour for my subscribers
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Hot news: Silver crushed 4650 point

mcx silver tip

Yes, I will say all true otherwise my all subscribers kill me. Today lots of smart traders lose money in silver. 63% of trader suicides come from trading with silver in MCX. Silver crushed 4650 point.

Yesterday, I said to my subscribers by SMS

1. “BUY SILVER @ 61500 TARGETS: 62000+

2. Go & Book profit around 62300. Enjoy!

Today my subscribers kept money from both sides.

what to do silver burn

Note: On my last Market view I had written about Natural Gas & Potato where at opening bell in my potato targets fired in 2min and our subscribers not played with MCX NG. You should to keep your eyes on my sentence. I said, in short “Exact time – Exact Level with stoploss for Subscribers only”

Please don’t trade blindly in bullion sector. If you don’t have enough knowledge then asks me anytime. Mail me: [email protected]

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mcx gold silver

Today watch Gold & Silver very carefully. There is no chance to more up & down. Overall trend of Gold & Silver are bullish but wait for exact level. We’ll mention it via SMS to my subscribers.

I’ll write more about Gold & Silver at afternoon.


mcx silver tips

Remember? I said, “I’ll write more about Gold & Silver for my subscribers only
What I had written about MCX Silver to my client at Morning?


Our Intraday target blast

Yes, my subscribers minting money daily from market
Oh yes, I had written also Short Term Target for silver after kiss Intraday target but It’s for subscribers only

What you expect now about Silver?
It’ll go more UP or take U-Turn here?

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Commodity Update (7-19-2011): MCX Gold & Silver – ALL TARGETS BLAST ENJOY!!

mcx gold silver tips

What I had written on 14th July 2011
When Gold was run @ 22925, I told you to buy it
And also said, it’ll touch 23147 – 23234

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Gold touched our both targets
This time to book profit now
Who can give you like this huh?

And when silver was run @ 56800 above, I told you to buy it with targets: 58238 – 58676 – 59700 – 60000+
Watch now, silver made new high 60523

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Our all silver target blastttt
Go & Book profit now
Enjoy all free readers & subscribers..!!

Agar aap ab bhi paise nai bana rahe – aapko bhagwan hi bachaye!
I’ll write more about Gold & Silver for my subscribers only