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Yesterday as I said, silver moved & achieved our first target
Now what to do in Gold & Silver?

Just go and BUY GOLD
Targets: 26778 – 26933 – 27424+
It’ll touch our targets within 4 sessions

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As I expected SILVER: All Target blast + JACKPOT

mcx silver

Money Munch: Every day – Every hour

Market is always right

I had written at 1st Dec 2010, when silver run 43000: Click Here to see it


I always give you alert “If you want to do suicide then short silver – There is no reason to sell it

(God promise, I had never written to sell silver)


When silver touched 43360, I told you BUY BUY BUY

And my rocket target 45528+

money munch mcx ncdex bag

Silver kissssssed all targets

Just go – Book Profit – Enjoy!


What you expect now about silver?

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MCX/NCDEX Guesstimate(12/1/2010): Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Nickel, Natural Gas, Chana

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mcx silver

Watch carefully 43360 level

If you want to do suicide then short silver !

Target 43711 – 44023 – 44228 – 44608

Our rocket target 45528+

Nickel crossovers our hurdle – giving the impression of being shoot

Copper – What I said about copper at 25 Nov? It’s fired. Copper will Go UP

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