Commodity Report (6-30-2011): MCX Copper, NCDEX Steel Long, Chilli…

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mcx copper

Now copper future is UP? I don’t see any major factor to cause that much buying, but this was a large rally for one day. There is some risk to do work with copper but everything for belly. Set 412.7 stoploss with Opening bell buying. If once cross the stoploss then it can move more down side.
Targets: 417.4 – 418 – 419.5

steel long tip ncdex

At National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange of India (NCDEX) all actively traded near-month contacts fell on week after witnessing a rally in the beginning. Steel long after the kiss our targets continuously going down – day by day. Yesterday steel long made something different ride. I’ll write live about Steel Long around 12 O’clock for subscribers.

12 O’clock – Offer will close
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