forex usdcad signals forecast


forex usdcad signals forecast

I will not take your much time. Just keep in mind these levels: 1.21803 -1.22348.
Support : 1.20942.
Must note: USDCAD index long-term, Technical structure favors bearish bias.

Forex EURUSD forecast

No more word, Just look at chart EURUSD, You can take some pips of profit if keep your eye on it. Yes, I am talking for Sellers.

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free natural gas tips

MCX Natural Gas, CPO and NCDEX Coriander & Maize Rabi Intraday Tips

free natural gas tips

Natural Gas – Break out day

Natural gas at crucial level.
Hurdle: 184.5
If natural gas will close below to this hurdle then downtrend will start and it can hit 181 – 178 levels.
Keep note, 178 level is a support. If it will break and close below to this support then we may see 175 – 173 level in upcoming days.
Remember, if natural gas will remain above 186 level then it can jump upside up to 189 – 192 levels.

crude palm oil tips

Crude Palm Oil – Strong Demand

If you’re a small trader then look Crude Palm Oil. CPO is the unstoppable commodity. We will see 536 – 538 levels soon.

ncdex coriander tips

Coriander – Bearish Flag Pattern

Coriander running around the bottom. If it will break 4490 level then we may see 4400 – 4350 levels soon.

free ncdex maize tips

Maize – Decreasing Supply

Maize is dropping over 2 months. As per weather reports, we can expect 1225 – 1200 levels before next weekend.

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free gold tips

MCX Gold & Nickel: Bounce In Progress

mcx comex gold tips


Be ready to see 30500 level soon.

More information I will update due to market hours by SMS (Premium Subscribers Only!).

free commodity mcx nickel tips


Hurdle: 786

If Nickel will close or crossover hurdle then we will see 792 – 800 levels.

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natural gas intraday tips

Natural Gas, Copper & Nickel – Strongly Under Pressure

free natural gas tips

Be Careful with Natural gas!

Natural gas is the unstoppable commodity. The trend is very important! Today it will try to remain upside but big selling pressure coming soon and it’ll take down natural gas up to 182 – 180 level soon.

free copper tips

Copper will fly on sky

Moneymunch Regular visitors know that I’m saying to buy Copper from a long time. We may see soon 432 – 438+ levels.

free commodity mcx nickel tips updates

Nickel looks strongly upside

In last trading session, Nickel lost 15.4 rupees. But do you really think it will remain down from Monday?
If Nickel will close below 719 level then we may see 700 level again. Otherwise, we will see 750 – 760 – 770 levels!

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