Intraday Stock Newsletter: Buy ABB

Just Buy ABB at 942-944.5

The target of the days are 955-958 and 976-985

If crash 941 below and stay for don’t wait exit from it!

Otherwise just start cont money it’s a big money munch..!!

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Guesstimate NSE – ABGSHIP

Buy ABGSHIP at 246

If crash then Keep stoploss at 244


Targets for the day are 255-258


Time frame 2-4 days of trading

Targets are 262-268

Buy NSE GODREJ 219-221



Buying may see 219-221
After cross 226 & stay for 5-min above it, so Targets 232-238 soon
Suppose to break 219 below for 10min. Exit & Go Sell & Sell Target 215- and future 209

Sell Hindunilvr


Short Sell NSE-HINDUNILVR 308-309, If stay above 310 only 5min. so Exit from it

Targets 301-302 and if stay below 303 so target 298-295

NSE-BSE Stock Guesstimate “DLF fut.”

DLF fut. (Sept/Oct.)
(Short Term Traders)

Today, Just Watch 367
Go for Sell…, if trade 367 below for 5min. with Volume
Targets Intraday:
Short Term Traders:
354 and 341-345

(Suppose, Open with Gap Up 373 Or Trade 374 for 10min. PANIC buying may see for 379-380/384-389 in Single of Day)

Intraday Traders Cash Market: Must be selling 368-369 after trade below 366 only…

Always Remember, My Views may be Bearish or Bullish…But we follows the written levels. Time will gives Money, Therefore You must keep your both eye careful on levels…

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