Guesstimate : BHEL

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Any time can blast

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Guesstimate 19-10-2010


Do you think support 41/40/39…?

Herein, 3-steps to buy with management of your quantities as per above levels….

Any Time and Any Days, You will see Dabang up to Rs.3-5 on single Days

Short Term Targets 45-47 and 51-52

Your Stop loss Rs.38

Small Card: NHPC

(Looks Hot & Fire)

Once close above 32.2… then targets 34/35(2Days) and continue 36-37


Go with long above 381 on closely for targets 387-389

(Once close above 384, so Short Term Targets 393 and 405-411 soon


Go long above 2535 only (Must be close above 2530 for positional targets)… PANIC intraday 2562-2573 and positional for short term: 2600/2622 and 2665-2678


Last close 327

Today Watch 333

(If you are able to see live high of 33Bookmark

(IF CLOSE ABOVE 1013, TARGETS FOR SHORT TERM 1078-1100/1132-1142)


Watch above 275

(Targets 279-274 intraday)

Hold if trade 275 above after 3 o clock: Short Term Targets 286-290/300

Your Stoploss 270


(Hot & Fire for Tomorrow Intraday)

Once, Trade above 151 after 3 o’ clock

My Targets 156-158 and Short Term 161-164-169 (2-4 Days)

My Subscribers long with it…@151

Someone knows it and it targets…Well,… We Don’t Mind…

Just keep your eye on levels…We follow levels and time will gives money…


Any Time/Any Day Fire 1538-1545 and Positional for short term 1578-1590

Watch above 1508 for up move

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Bounce back Possibility (ZEEL,NAGARCONST) Result



your stoploss 5995

Charts Indicate, From here Bounce back possible…?

Lets See… What happen?

I’ll update for Subscriber…

What time market will give recovery???

1 o clock or 1:50 o clock…?

Remembers Levels of Nifty future … 101% you will successes…

Buy in deep ZEEL, NAGARCONST (Levels updated for Subscribers only)

The Quarterly Results for the following companies are due to be announced today: L & T, HDFC, ING Vysya Bank, CRISIL

Some Body is known Result before 10-15days: Relatives, Promoters, friends etc