Nickel: Short Term Looking HOT!

Short Term: Trend UP – Medium Term: UP – Long Term, your own!

Minor Hurdles 1059 – 1078

Crossover above 1079 will take to 1090

Support at 1041 (If breaks 1028 with volume then will slide upto 1026 – 998)

My targets 1054 – 1064 – 1078.

I Think, technically for short term worst is over.


More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

Relince Fut.

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UPDATE: The outlook of Natural Gas

October 7, 2010 on what I said?

I said, “THERE IS NO REASON TO BUY IT” Big blizzard already started and Natural gas blast today.

Natural gas achieved all targets one by one.

My last target kissed Rs.150.

I hope you don’t miss it…Enjoy!!!

What you expect now?

More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…

Guesstimate for 22-10-2010

In The 21 Oct. 2010 GUESSTIMATE;

Reliance Fut.: Buy above 1058 for targets 1094 (Missed only Rs.2)

SBIN Fut.: Buy 3158 for targets 3194/3221 (Full Target done)

JPASSOCIATE (Cash): Buy 126-127 with small qty for targets 132-134 (Still Waiting for targets)



What for 22 Oct. 2010…?


Hurdle: Rs. 503

Crossover with volume & stay for 5min….Don‘t keep long!!!

Stock can move up to 512-517

Closing above 517 in coming…Traders can hold for targets 531-537



(Looks Hot)

Buyer may seen 127-128

(Your Stop loss 125)

After crossing 131, Stock will move 135 and 139-144 (101% soon)

Buy Small Qnty below 130…



(101% hot and fire anytime & Day)

Do you think support 42/41/39…?

Herein, 3-steps to buy with management of your quantities as per above levels….

Any Time and Any Days, You will see Dabang up to Rs.3-5 on single Days

Short Term Targets 45-47 and 51-52




Disclosure: I had written past post, Ready for Go with long 3158(Stay for 5min.) above with volume…Panic up to 3290-3213

(Last Closed 3209)

Up move will continue above 3200… For 3264-3286

Don’t long above 3200!!!

My Subscribers entered 3155…Full Target done…



What for 22 Oct. 2010…?


(Last closed 1056)

Disclosure: I had written past post, Incase of breaking 1045 ABOVE… then Short Term Targets 1094-1100 soon

(Made high Intraday 1092)

My Subscribers enjoying of this our expected blast…!

Be careful with it…BOUNCE Fall Possible…1085/1098


More Update Time by Time for Subscribers only due to market hrs…