GITANJALI GEMS LIMITED: My TargetsTargets 298-301 and 308-314)

(Last Closed 288.8)

Today, Watch 294

(Crossover with volume…. Targets 298-301 and 308-314)

Today Possibility to cross 304 and 317 also)

Steel Heart Trader can try 286 above (Your Stop loss 284) for above mentioned targets with small qty.

(Closing above 288 Today)

My Short Term Targets 322-339

I’ll update more subscribers only.

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Guesstimate 26-10-2010

Disclosure of Yesterday GUESSTIMATE:

SBIN Fut. Waiting For Targets 3280-3300

UFLEX: Yesterday, 1st target done 522 High and Remaining 327-331

RENUKA: Full Target Done of Intraday with 89.8 (Bought 86.5)

IRB: bought 248 and Targets 265 and 680 (Kissed 264.5)

BGRENERGY For targets 789 and 799 and 811

NIFTY Fut. Both side Good Profit…

What for 26 Oct. 2010…?

Above 3212,… Not worry for long….If break so, create a problem…

Today’s Targets 3280-3300/3319


Strong Resistance 1100 on Closely,…last 2Days, not able to close above…

If Close above it so,… PANIC 1125-1152/1168

Above 88.2…Zoom Barbar-ZOOM Targets 90-91-93 for Today…

(Strictly SL 88.3)

Something Cooking here,…Watch 508 and stay above it for 5min…PANIC 516-519 and 524-536

In Coming Days,…SUBSCRIBERS: I will update for long JSWSteel, LITL, APLLOTYPRE Etc…also TCS, HEROHONDA, HDIL etc.

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IRB For 26 Oct.

My Targets 269-276 and 284-286

Yes, My Subscribers bought @ 248 today 101%

If cross 265 stay for 5min,… So Targets 269-276 intraday

Who is buying…???…Don’t ask us…

Always Remember, My Views may be Bearish or Bullish…But we follows the written levels. Time will gives Money, Therefore You must keep your both eye careful on levels…

If trades below 258…then it will create s problem

I’ll update it for my subscribers due to live market hrs.

IRB – My targets 265 – 270

IRB Infrastructure Developers


IRB 245-247-250, YOUR STOPLOSS 244 & Targets 255 & 259 and Short Term 265-280

(Must be close 251 above…for short term targets)

Yes… My Subscribers also given this call…to buy @ 248 above in Morning..


Report of MCX Natural Gas – Futures

print money

Natural gas futures immediately can’t grab a break. Most of commodity markets are trending higher but natural gas prices continue to fall into bloodbath. I said you in my report on 7th October 2010. “Only and only with any luck we could get an up rally in natural gas. There is no reason to buy it.” I alerted you and said big blizzard is started in market with Natural gas.

MCX Natural gas chartDo you know? Supplies of natural gas continue to rise plus the Energy Department predicts they will be at the second highest level ever to start the heating season. Natural gas futures closed at $3.333 on Friday, down 0.035. Prices bottomed last September around $2.63, so there could be some value below the $3 level. We can’t able to decide bottom of natural gas. Don’t do overbought trade with NG but don’t think, Close your eyes and continue to short it. There is no bottom level.

Now you have license to print money.

My new targets for Natural gas are 135 – 126.

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Guesstimate: Nifty Trend

Disclosure: on Friday, I had written to sell NF 6158-6167 and stop loss 6176 & for targets 6100-6058 (NF Exact touched my last Target 6058 with low)

What for Today?

Suppose to cross 6112 will go 6131-6133 and stay above 6125 for long time… will take 6155-6160

(Selling Pressure possible 6161-6172)

Just, watch 6165, breaks and stay for 5min…ready for 6122-6136

(Exact levels and Time I’ll update for subscribers… ONE Think 6165-6181)