HDIL if break 250…then slide 245-243

(Last closed 252)

Watch Panic Selling: 254.2 to 255.5
(Stock will fall below to  246-242)

Your Stoploss: 256.5

Suppose, breaking 250…then slide 245-243…!!!

Why Stock Falling…? Why Blue Channel barking…?
(Don’t ask us

I will update this stock for my Subscribers Exact Time & Targets due to market hrs…

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Guesstimate 29-10-2010 (Reliance & SBIN)

(Last Closed 1082)

Selling Pressure:  1086-1091

(Breaks 1077 below…fall may see up-to 1067-1070 and 1061)
Your Stoploss 1095

Just have Patience…!!! (If you don’t…Don’t Trade)
Short Term Targets 1050-1034
(Today if closing 1070..!)

Keep 1092 levels
Once, crossover above it… up & up…1108-1121

Hurdle: 3223-3232

Suppose to cross it and stay for 5min. Stock will zoom 3247-3255…!!!
Short Term move up 3300-3524

Hurdle can give me below to 3207 and 3148-3165 shortly…

I will update this stock for my SubscribersExact Time & Targets due to market hrs…

Always Remember, My Views may be Bearish or Bullish…But we follows the written levels. Time will gives Money, Therefore You must keep your both eye careful on levels…

ABGShip: Do you Remeber Yesterday Call …?

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ABGSHIP 404-405

Targets 413-414 and if stay above 415 5min… hold 422-425-455)

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Now if Trades below 6072 with volumes for 5 Minutes then we can see crack upto  6024 !!

If Trade above 77 for 10min

BUY BUY BUY APOLLOTYPRE 77 above, your stoploss 75 & Go For Targets 79-81 Intraday

Short Term Targets 84-87