Range: 305-309
(Selling pressure 307 around)


Targets 298
Watch 294


(Break and stay below it …then panic up to 289-285)

Crossover 310…then creates problem…!




(CMP 92.2)


Range 92.4 (Selling)


Targets 87.6-87 and 85-86 and 84


(Crossover 93…then reduce your selling quantities)


More Stocks view’s and Newsletter i’ll update for our Subscribers

(If time permit, For You Also)

Commodity Guesstimate(12/03/2010): Silver, Mentha oil, Nickel, Copper, Pepper…

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1st Dec 2010, I had written “If you want to do suicide then SHORT SILVER!
Click here to see it
Silver kissed my first target 43711 yesterday
Did you see it or miss it?
Okay, now wait for second target 44023


Mentha Oil
Yesterday as I expected, exactly mentha oil taking ride UP Side.
Today I expect to fire…


mcx-crude oil

I’m watching unexpected money again in crude oil
If you really want to play with it then Go & Buy
I’m watching Crude oil in highly bullish trend
My target for crude oil – 4022 – 4094


mcx copper

Yes, my subscribers minted money in copper after crossovers my hurdle 386.5
My target for Copper 400 – 402 and yesterday copper touched my 1st target
No problem, copper said to me after crossovers hurdle
We’re highly BULLISH, don’t worry.
New target for copper 405 – 409 for short term traders


mcx nickel

God promise, I never had written to sell nickel past 2 weeks.
Buy Nickel again after crossovers 1079
Target: 1096 – 1111
(God sake, still my short term subscribers holding on nickel for last target 1111)

GITANJI and HCC: ALL Target Done

Yes, Our Subscribers enjoyed of both call mentioned below:

HCC Fut.

Buy 39-40 for Targets 46-47 and 49-52 (2-4Days) with Stoploss 38.2

(Booked Profit: 46) Profit;  Rs.20,000 per 1lot

stock Buying Range 242-247
1st Targets 257-58

Watch :260
Crossover and Stay above 5-7min. then watch Panic upto
267-272 Intraday

Short Term Targets 274-300

(Full Target Done)


Commodity Guesstimate(12/02/2010): Mentha Oil, Copper, Nickel, Kapas, CPO, Cardamom, Soy Oil

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mcx nickel
25 Nov 2010 means 7 days ago, what I said?
Buy nickel @ 1034
101% clear in your mind only profit – profit – profit
My all targets kissed nickel 1073
Now what you expect about nickel?


mcx mentha oil
Mentha Oil will touch 1300 soon
Close your eyes and just buy it
101% Hot Tips in MCX
Unbroken target 1347 – 1366+

Do you want to know about Copper/ Nickel/ Kapas/ CPO/ Cardamom/ Soy Oil?

NF & SBIN Future 2-12-2010

NF 2-12-2010

Watch hurdle: 6046-6059

Selling Pressure will increase: 6062

I will update live for Short Selling due this range…!

Watch Today 6000-5989 Intraday

What is Stop-loss for Intraday Short Seller…?

You can decide Stoploss from above levels…!


(Last closed 3108)

Yes, My Subscribers bought SBIN 2832-2822 for Targets 3000-3100

Watch 3105

(Break below it then…Stoploss  long with SBIN)

Ready for move 3087-3075

More Stocks will be Live…!!!