Concept of Time Value of Money


Everybody knows that money placed in a savings account will earn interest. Because of this worldwide fact, we would desire to obtain money today rather than the same amount in the future.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″]We can use TVM to compare the worth of cash flows occurring at different times in future, to get the amount of current investment that must be made at a given interest rate. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]Time value of money principle also applies when comparing the worth of money to be received in future and in further future.  The idea that money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount in the future due to its potential earning capacity.

The Time Value of Money does not make you “guarded” in the real world of investing.Commercial bank deposits and Government Sponsored Enterprises are including in Low Risk Investment.Corporate bonds that are rated investment grade and Blue Chip U.S. stocks, including many of the companies are include in Medium Risk Investment.

Default risk arises when the borrower does not pay the money back to the lender. Inflation is the rise in general level of prices.

The Time Value of Money also gives some powerful advantages for patient investors. The Time Value of Money has applications in many areas of Corporate Finance including Capital Budgeting, Bond and Stock Valuation.

The Time Value of Money is divided in two parts: Future Value and Present Value. Present value of a single sum of money, present value of annuity, future value of a single sum of money, future value of annuity, simple and compound interest are include in the Time Value of Money. Future Value defines today’s investment process which will grow in future. Present Value defines determining future process of cash flow in today’s dollars.

One Should Invest In Stock Market?


There are many ways you can invest but the stock market usually offers the highest returns. Investing in the stock market is important for people who wish to build a well economic future. The stock market is the place where mental courage is more important than physical courage.

There are a few of us who has ever accepted a strategic and systematic method to investing. To accept a systematic method towards investing, an investor wants to start the financial planning workout. Financial planning includes setting and guessing financial goals and dealing your income, costs and cash in instruction to be able to reach these goals.

The rate of living has increased expressively over the years because of inflation. Today, we all seek for a higher standard of living that includes more and better life style crops. Economic Preparation is a step-by-step procedure and includes recognizing your aims and insertion a time frame and cash value to them. It also includes in guessing your earnings during your period.

Note that: don’t target specific savings to exact aims. That’s certainly the incorrect method.Your whole investment portfolio supports all your aims.  Rather, the fault is in letting your needs rise without destined, putting you in a position where the sum of your revenue and the return to usual saving still doesn’t add up to enough to satisfy them.

Investing cleverly in the stock market is the only way to confirm a successful, relaxed future. Anyone observing to invest in the stock market needs to know risk. The key to reducing that risk is to find a facility that can help you avoid financing dangers. Learning from the professionals is the best way to shine and profit.