gold tips charts

Special Reports: Gold, Silver, Natural gas, Nickel & Lead Tips

gold tips charts

Gold Trading Alerts & Ideas

The next gold strong support is 31300. It may take u-turn up to 31800 – 32000+.

But gold is not safe to short under 31300 to 31000 levels. It may drag it into a heavy downfall. More information will update on the market hours for the premium members only.

Technical Perspective of Silver

As per the previous silver’s report, it’s continuously following our levels and under range. In this week beginning, It can jump up to 37600 levels. Don’t sell above to this level (37600). It can push it up to 37800 – 38000+.

Click here to read the last silver’s report.

Nickel’s Support Level Is Broken

free commodity mcx nickel tips updatesThe nickel support level was 886. It has broken in the last trading session. Intraday traders can expect downfall up to 870 – 864.

Further information will update shortly for the premium subscribers. Don’t sell above 886 level.

Weekly outlook of Lead

free lead tipsLead’s prices could collapse up to 132 – 130. It’s a TRAP! Don’t sell lead until you see two-closing sessions under 130 prices.

Below level 130, the following targets are waiting: 128 – 126 – 124

Uptrend starting point: 136 level
It can be up to 140 – 144 levels.

Update 2: Should we keep selling Natural gas?

Yes! You can.
Read the natural gas call first update.
Natural gas has touched the first target. It’s very close to the second target.

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MCX Trading Alerts: Silver, Natural gas & Zinc

Is Now The Right Time To Invest In Silver?

silver tipsDid you read our last silver alerts? If not, click here. We had written there, “Keep note silver support level is 37200 price”. After touching our support level, It took the u-turn.

But this is not an assured confirmation for the uptrend. Yes! A downtrend can be confirmed if silver breakout the support level and close below it consecutively.

And this downfall can drag down the silver’s price up to 36600 – 36200 – 36000 – 35800 levels.

Note: a sideways trend will continue between 38000 to 37200 range. An Uptrend will confirm after breakout 38000 level. Don’t think much about downtrend. It’s time to focus on Intraday trading.

natural gas tips

Should we keep selling Natural gas?

Yes! But after 182.6 level. Complete breakout will require.
Targets: 178 – 172 – 166

free commodity mcx zinc intraday tips

Important note for Zinc traders

As per the last Zinc forecasts, it has touched all levels. It’s very close to the all-time high (232.7 level). Short-term/long-term investors must wait now. This week, we might see above the 230 level with sideways movements.

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Gold, Silver, Crude oil & Zinc: Ready to Run

free gold tips charts

This chart is enough for a smart trader. Keep note silver support level is 37200 price. Further information related Gold and Silver updated soon.

Update: Weekly Analysis of Crude oil

crude oil tipsHow many of you followed our crude levels after the breakout of 4100? You can check our crude oil calls report by click here.

We had written, “As per technical analysis and trendlines basis, crude oil is under uptrend. It prices can hike more if crude oil crossover and close (consecutively) above 4100 levels. It can jump up to 4200 – 4350 – 4500 levels”.

Crude oil has touched the first target and very close to the second target.

Will it touch the second target today?

Even zinc has run as per our guidelines. As per the last signals, it has exploded after an upper breakout and broken all target levels.

To know more about the crude oil trading calls, subscribe now.

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Best earning time: MCX Crude oil & Zinc Tips

commodity crude oil tips charts

Weekly Analysis of Crude oil

As per technical analysis and trendlines basis, crude oil is under uptrend. It prices can hike more if crude oil crossover and close (consecutively) above 4100 levels. It can jump up to 4200 – 4350 – 4500 levels.

But if you see the crude oil price below to trendline, sell for the 3850 – 3700 – 3560 levels.

commodity zinc tips charts

Free Bonus Call (for smart investors): Cotton’s resistances are 21560 – 21700 levels.

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Gold & Copper With Big Potential Ripe for Opportunity – NOW

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Gold Prices Continue to Breakdown

Gold may turn down up to 31700 – 31600 levels. 31460 – 31500 range is u-turn/support area.

Reversal isn’t far away from this time. Upside rally will start soon for 32400 – 32800+ levels.

free copper tips chart

Copper Looking to Break 2018 High

Fake out? Targets: 460 – 465 – 470+
Downtrend? Targets: 440 – 434 – 426

Accurate entry-level and stop loss will update to the premium subscriber in our mobile app.

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free nickel tips

Will Nickel Find Support Above 909?

free nickel tips

Nickel Will Fly or Fall?

As per the above nickel intraday trading chart, it has support at or above 909 level.

Nickel prices may hike up to 915 – 918 levels. And if it breakdown the support, prices may fall up to 906 – 904.

Accurate entry-level and stop loss is available for the premium subscribers.

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