Improving Trading – 4 Points

Improving Trading – 4 Points

Improve your Trading skill
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  • Eliminate the potential that the market will disappoint you, think probabilities before executing a trade.
  • Don’t look at a trade outcome as being right or wrong, but again in terms of probabilities
  • When a pattern you know presents itself, trade it, don’t think, just respect your stops.
  • When analyzing your trade, how much are you willing to put at risk to see if other market participants will come alongside your view. In other words, look first at the loss potential instead of focusing on gains.

Why 90% traders are losing Money…?

losing moneyIt is far easier to funnel a vast amount of money from the masses to a few winners than for a few people to give out money to the majority.
Any given game there are few winners
So knowing that statistic, do you want to be in the majority or minority?

“Do the hard thing” ~Richard Dennis
They watch Blue Channels ,They dont do Homework
They watch Blue Channels ,They dont do Homework
They lack one or two of these four-Money ,Mind ,Method & Target

There is an important difference between being reactive and predictive. Trend traders never say “I think that market is going up so I’m going to buy it”. They buy when it goes up.
“The price is always right.”