Outlook of Gold and Silver (HOT UPDATE!)

mcx gold and silver

Bullion and Commodities shoot up high after Traders Digest Fed Action

Gold and silver prices will slowly boost as the value of gold and silver increases. This has been noted already over the past few months and, provided the increases keep on, and then the value of gold and silver coin collections will increase in value also. Gold gained four percent on Thursday and is currently trading at $1391 an ounce.



MCX Silver Report

Lots of traders asked us about Silver outlook because I received most of mobile calls for Silver suggestion. You know why? His/her sold silver and HOLDING till. We just want to ask one question… Is there any reason to SELL Silver for Short / Long Term huh? Who want to do suicide?

You’re good traders and playing in market for earns money. I hope, you want to follow me then do one thing first. Make good end loss around 37500.

I’m watching silver first Head 39626 for Long Term traders. Yes, it’s true.

Short term traders start to buy 38264 levels. Book profit levels 38590 – 38870.

MCX Gold Report

Yes, I want to give some golden thing with gold for subscribers only. My subscribers can read what I’m expecting about GOLD…

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MCX Guesstimate [04-11-2010]: Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Nickel, Copper and Crude oil

Do you want to play again with me?

Buy Crude Oil @ 3774 and your targets are 3800 – 3810.


If aluminium open below the 107.20

Aluminium touches level 107 and freeze 10min then SELL IT.

Book profit @ 106.4

Don’t hold long…!

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HOT NEWS: Silver crushed 1381

mcx silver


Yesterday, I written – “Anything could happen this week.” I said one thing, “Safe Traders – Lock your profit now.

Don’t forget my Gold Support – $1315. If it breaks then it would physically powerful support for the market broken down.

Silver crushed 1381 point today. It change around -2%. If silver make new low continue 3 days then it can kiss 3549035357 levels.

Remember my hurdle for silver: 37587. (Yes, It can come back above 37400 in 3 days.)

Started big battle with silver… I’m watching big bloodbath here…

Yes, my subscribers know that what to do know…

I’ll update more my subscribers only


Guesstimate 01/11/2010: MCX Lead, GoldGuinea and Crudeoil

Small risk – Big profit
If crudeoil cross open around 3630 then buy it
Intraday traders enjoy and make profit level
For short term traders book profit @ 3672 – 3700 (Stoploss 3597).


You want one Rs.1 in your pocket without risk?
Intraday traders watch level 110 carefully. Just buy there then sell it above triple one (111-111.5).


You want to play big game in commodity market?
Watch very carefully level 15762.
If goldguinea crossover 15800… I watch it @ 16000.
Don’t forget my stoploss time for intraday traders – 15649


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Silver blasted: My all silver targets fired

mcx silver

What I said at morning?

No Selling!


Silver fired now and my all target achieved Rs.36267

I hope, you don’t miss it

If you not making money by my call than god help you

What you expect from this level?


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