MCX-NCDEX Guesstimate 25-11-2010

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Yes, our subscribers started to buy Natural Gas @ 185 and still HOLD…

Refresh your memory and check out I had written about Natural Gas 18/11/2010


Yesterday Natural Gas blast all our targets

Now what you expect?




You want to mint more money as expect?

Go and Buy copper @ Day’s low

Remember Hurdle – 386.5




crude oil - black gold

You want to earn big profit then go with crude oil

Yes, if crude oil open around 3841 then close your eyes and buy it


Crude Oil crossovers 3867 level then you’ll see unexpected movement

Target – 3890 – 3930




mcx nickel

Nickel playing around Hurdle, It can jump over back today but If crossovers 1034 then buy it

101% clear in your mind only profit – profit – profit

Targets – 1062 – 1073


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Update: Gold & Silver…

mcx gold and silver
Two days back, I said to buy gold at 20028. It’ll go up 20252+ and after the hit stoploss yesterday it touched my level.

Now what you expect?

It’ll go UP or DOWN?

20578 is hurdle of Gold, It can jump over back after kiss 20578

If gold kiss crossovers my hurdle then it’ll make new high – 20951

Intraday Traders play around my level you will get sure profit but don’t forget my hurdle.



Yes, my subscribers enjoyed it and Silver achieved my target 41990

Hurdle – 43026

Now what you expect about silver?

I’ll write more about commodity market, my subscribers only…


Commodity Guesstimate(11/22/1020): Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Nickel, Potato

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mcx gold girl

On last Friday session, Gold touched 20028 levels and made good up rally.

Gold support level 20028 Watch very carefully 20120 levels…

If gold crossovers it then it can go upto 20252 in few hours.

Stoploss level for intraday traders – 20028

(If gold touch stoploss level then watching big bloodbath on Gold)

Because, exact time and exact level – Subscribers only

mcx crude oil

3766… Just watch this level very carefully

Crossovers above this level then take to 3793 – 3816 short run

Support at 3742 level


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MCX Natural Gas fired…


Now refresh your memory, you need to go past and need to check out something.

I had written about Natural gas just 4 days back.


Again as expected Natural Gas blast and touched my all target on last session 188+

Did you see it or miss it?

Enjoy with Big Smile now…!

Note: I had written about Gold and it was not touched my level and nowadays watching up rally in gold.

What you expect now?

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Gold & Natural Gas: Looking very hot!

Natural gas
You want to play big game with Energy?

Okay, then go and Buy Natural without worry.

Yes, there is one level can fall back natural gas – 184, If natural gas cross level 184 then it’ll touch 188 after non-stop rally….

gold mcx

If Gold touch again my last target level (19852) then short it.

Watch very carefully 19852

I’m watching more bloodbath in Gold

It’ll touch 19754-19700 soon…

I’ll update more subscribers only

Guesstimate [11/15/2010]: MCX Gold, silver, aluminium, cpo, mentha oil, copper, lead and zinc

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mcx gold girl

Gold (Last close 20134)

Want to know something new? A gold trader “Gold buying in the western city of Ahmadabad, the India’s top market and second uses on Bombay”

“Gold traders said many gold jewellers were maintaining below average gold inventory as they considered current gold prices too high.” People thought gold prices will also fall the way silver price has dropped, but that has not happened so far

Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. Actually we want to think, nowadays what to do with gold?

Past 4 sessions to gold price going down day by day very sharply. At 11th November 2010, I said you to SELL Gold. It’ll touch 20094 – 20000 soon and Gold was kissed my targets 11/12/2010.

If gold crash and touch 20000 levels then I’m expecting intraday panic slide upto 19928 – 19853 level!!

If gold will not touch 20000 then what you expect?

Then there after gold will touch 20181 – 20254 – 20293


mcx silver world

Silver (Last close 39411)

Just as the exchanges forced higher margins on silver last week, margins were also increased on sugar darling.  The exchanges do this for the reason that risk increases with volatility, so they would like more funds to safe positions.  This, of course, has a harmful result on the commodity price.   We saw silver take a fall in price this week and the same thing happened to sugar and gold.

China was also a problem in the shift lower for many commodities today.  There is panic once again that they will raise interest rates to battle inflation.  This would show the way to less demand for commodities and that could take the wind out of the sails for the commodity markets.  Monday could be an interesting day.

I’m watching interesting thing in silver. If silver will not break 39003 at Monday then we’ll see silver at 40000 – 40300 soon. 11/11/2010, I said to my subscribers If silver touch 39584 then problem for Bull. Yes, then it can go in bloodbath with expected level 38600 to nonstop slide upto 37000 – 37640


mcx aluminium wire

Aluminium(Last close 107.5)

Above the 107 – 107.5 level open then buy it without any worry

Set stoploss level – 106.5 for maximum profit.

I’m watching hot targets 108 – 108.5 for short term traders


mcx cpo

CPO(Last Close 485.5)

Watching very hot with good profit for intraday traders

CPO past 2 days continuously going down

If CPO will break the last low then what to do with it?


Sell it around 483

Targets for MCX CPO 476 – 475


mcx mentha oil

Mentha Oil (Last close 1194.1)

Unexpected money in Mentha Oil for Intraday and Short Term traders

Buy at Opening bell and forget

Sky rocket targets are 1211

If touch 1211 and freeze for 5min then Buy again for short term traders unexpected profit will see you at next day…

Last profit station around 1225


Exact time and exact level – subscribers only

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