Commodity Guesstimate – Silver, Gold, Crude oil, Copper, Nickel, Natural Gas…

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mcx silver trend


From mid-August to early December, silver managed to go up more than 66% from top to bottom. As I mentioned on September – “There is no reason to sell it”. We were Bullish in Silver on or after 32000 and still extremely Bullish! Those who bought silver in the last 15 years are holding gains as large as 700%. After I had written, those who bought before September have been rewarded with returns of at least 60%. Yes, I’m remembering one special song for Past silver price to present…

You know readers, why silver doing dance likes UP DOWN UP DOWN? Silver want cross 46000 and want to hit new stupid top 50000+ but is it possible?
Obviously, but silver need to cross my two hurdle after it’ll make new high.
Hurdle: 45098 – 45810
Now, what to do with silver?
You know, as I expected last Friday – Silver blast.
I’m watching still Bullish !
Remember: Break and Close below 44018 then it’ll U-Turn directly 43406 – 43153

Looking especially weak
If once break & close below 184 then we’ll slide upto 181.5 – 179 levels.
Natural Gas Heart 176.5
You know, if natural gas touch it heart & break it then we’ll big storm

mcx nickel
Who want treasury key for only profit?
As I expected Friday on report to my subscribers – If Crossovers 1029 then Buy & Forget
Now right time to do this thing…

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Remember one thing always for best life “In whole world, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get everything.”

Commodity Guesstimate – Silver, Gold, Crude oil, Copper, Nickel, Natural Gas

Commodity Guesstimate (12/17/2010): Gold & Silver and MCX Base Metals

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mcx gold silver

Silver & Gold: Ok, watch now… U-Tern…. Today’s watching slide upto 44299 – *44545+ but Remember if silver one time crossovers 43200 then big bloodbath for you. Who is short term investor & want to earn big money in 1week? Just go with gold.

Targets: 20591 – 20668 – 20785+

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Commodity Guesstimate: MCX / NCDEX Agri Hot commodites

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mcx gold and silver

Gold & Silver: Gold fell for the first time in three days but today? It’ll take U-Tern… Means? It’ll go down? No, it’ll take ride up side. What I had written two days later? Just you’ll see it soon in Gold & Silver

mcx copper
I’m watching little money for Intraday Traders
Yes, looking weak today
If copper go below 416 then it will touch 413.5 – 411.5
ALERT: Copper targets is it Hurdle.
(Don’t forget our Long Term Intact Target for Copper)

PROTECTED: Commodity Guesstimate (12-14-2010): Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel…

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mcx nickel

3rd Dec 2010, what I had written?
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I had written many times, nickel will touch 1111. Watch now…
As I expect, yesterday nickel fired.

mcx copper

As I expect yesterday fired our copper. We have said to our long term investors, copper will touch 425+ when it was run below 386.5

Now what you expect about copper?
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mcx gold
I’m watching bullish trend in gold
It’ll take ride up after crossovers 20578.
Already crossed?
Targets: 20668 – 20785 – 20821
Skyrocket intact target – 20951

silver hot girl

Silver up more than 2.5% & Copper/Nickel hits record highs as we expected. I have been writing about silver reasonably a lot in the last few months as investors have become fascinated by this commodity.  Silver is probably the most explosive market at present time plus it has the would-be to move much higher in the next couple years.

As I expect yesterday silver fired and my target touched. Now we’re going to take fresh lot from silver. Remember my support 44018 level? Yes, it breaks. I’m watching silver will touch 47044 but it will take so much time. Long Term investors for my rocket target 46000. Short term investors just watch @ opening bell carefully. Buy on dips.
Targets: 44700 – 44867 – 45098
Hurdle: 45456

Do you want to know yesterday what I had written about Copper?

MCX Silver: All Target Fired

mcx silver

What I had written at morning?

“If silver crossovers 44018 and close above it then we’ll see UP Rally upto 44211 – 44398”

Our opening message to our Subscriber / Yahoo User: Buy Silver march 43800 Stoploss 43656 Targets 43930-44018-44188


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Copper: All Target Fired

mcx copper

What I had written today morning?
I also many times said you, copper will touch 418
Today’s morning, I had written at 9:30 AM.
Copper watching Highly Bullish Trend
Our Lion Heart Traders always in profit
What you expect now at this level?
Do you want to know; Copper will take U-Tern or go UP?
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