Free forex USDCHF chart signals

Forex tips: USDCHF – Short term bearish

Free forex USDCHF chart signals

Look at above chart, USDCHF is moving up continuously over a month. As per Elliott Wave theory C is 1.02288 levels. I’ll not say you exact top of USDCHF pair because that’s available for only premium subscribers but remember, 1.02288 target are intact.

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GBPUSD signals forecasts tips

Forex tips updates: GBPUSD & EURUSD forecast

What I was saying about GBPUSD on Nov 8, 2015?
Just click here and read it again.
I’d boldly said: “GBPUSD pair… move up and touch 1.50925-1.52065+ levels.

Look at the below chart:

GBPUSD signals forecasts tips

Exactly happened what I had written!

Now what you expecting? Will it touch 1.48075-1.47531-1.46303 below levels or not? For to know it, you will need to subscribe our Forex tips services!

FREE eurusd signals

EURUSD pair also followed as I had said. If you forget that then click here and remind it again.
What I’d said, “If the EURUSD pair breaks and closes below to 1.07167 levels then it will hit 1.05906-1.04676 levels…

Yesterday it made low 1.05645 and touched our first target.
What you expecting now?

Will it touch the next target or not?
For more information about EURUSD subscribe our service

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mcx gold

FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil, Copper & Soya bean tips

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mcx gold

Nowadays peoples talking Gold is unpredictable for intraday but I want to say them, Go and Buy in deep today.
Targets: 26800-26840-26900

Free users for stop loss yesterday low and more information about Gold I will update during market hours for premium subscribers


COMEX Crude oil is looking positive until it move at $54 or close below.
Targets: $57-$57.5

mcx copper

If you’re planning to buy copper than it is good idea for short term but remember overall trend is down!
Intraday traders can keep position until it kiss 380 and short term traders wait until copper cross & close above this level because it’s good support for you to see 400 level.

sybean soya bean tip

Yesterday it shows unpredictable moves and today I’m expecting predictable up rides so buy NCDEX Soya bean for eat some opening bell profit!

Targets: 3700-3735
Hurdle: yesterday low
If it cross and close below my hurdle then it will kiss 3550-3500. Enjoy!

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Gold tips sms

MCX Gold, Crude oil & Cardamom intraday tips update

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mcx ncdex crude oil

Before market opening, what I said about Crude oil?
I said, “Looking opening weak and trend down! I had written down targets: 2983-2961

money munch mcx ncdex bag

Crude oil hit my both targets!
What else you need?

ncdex cardamom

What I said in morning @ 9.30AM about Cardamom?
I said, “No mixed opinion – Direct decision, Targets: 873 – 866

gif gun

Cardamom All target achieved, enjoy!

mcx gold

Do you know, today’s morning our premium subscribers Sold gold @ 26270.
Look below screenshot of my SMS:

Gold tips sms

GOLD HIT MY TARGET! What you else expect more from one guider.

Our Forex subscribers also sold and hold on Gold from 03-26-2015 and booked profit today. Look below screenshot:

gold spot tips

Gold Warning Report for Intraday Traders:

MCX Gold daily chart

Gold forecast for March 2015

What you expecting about Gold? It will go up, huh!? You will see some bull rally only.
Look below Gold daily chart:

MCX Gold daily chart

Gold will come down more because trend is still downside.
Key to find Gold direction: just check how strong the US dollar.
Look below MCX Gold weekly 5 year chart:

mcx gold 5 year chart

TARGETS: 25550 – 25440

Not only Indian MCX Gold going down you can check out live My MT terminal history below:

gold spot sell tips

Our Forex subscribers are selling gold and oil from last few many days.
Anyway, what about intraday? I will say it to my premium subscribers by SMS!

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World Markets live index

World Markets live index

(Positive thinking)

Have you ever found yourself trapped in obsessive over-thinking about a problem? In a state of anxiety or worry that lasts for days or even weeks? It drains your energy, affects your sleep, and spirals your mood and outlook on life. Focusing on your problem only strengthens the worry function in your brain. This post main aim is World Markets live index.


 Action steps :  When you find yourself in that cycle of worry or compulsive thinking, remember the three R’s rename, re frame, and redirect. When the worry begins, mentally yell “Stop!”. Rename the issue by reminding yourself that worry isn’t real. Rename it as a compulsive reaction, not reality. Re frame your thinking by focusing on positive or distracting thoughts. And even if you still feel anxious. Force yourself to think different thoughts, Redirect your actions. Go do something uplifting, fun or mentally engaging.

The key is following these steps repeatedly, every time you worry obsessively to break the pattern and rewire your brain. It’s very true that positive thinking does have tremendous benefits. Positive thinking leads to a clear mind and joyful feeling. When you already feel good that’s when it is natural that positive thinking will happen. And but when you are thinking negatively and want to feel good. Just change your thoughts to positive and over a period of a half hour to an hour of doing it you should feel a lot better.



  • Gold trading at 1210.
  • Us dollar index trading around 88 at 89.02.
  • NYMEX crude trading below 70 at 70.37.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average trading at17,890 with 11 up Points on Wednesday. 
  • World markets index trend seen.



World Markets Live : Yahoo Finance Inc.

World markets live index : Google Finance Inc.


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