Nifty furure: We have found selling point 8832 nearby

Today’s going to be a big day.

My pick for today is extremely special. Not only does this stock ooze potential, but the technical analysis screams it. Following last week’s total gains of what you have already seen in past analysis accurately.

Even the expert Index analysts over at Candlestick-chart have issued a 100% SELL rating for this nifty’s short-term. Look at stock chart.


We have found selling point 8832 nearby with the 1st small distance targets. and the, you’ve nice target but keep profiting over the nifty future trade now a days. I will update for subscribers live market.

This Could Mean Big Profits For You.

Here’s the opportunity you’ve been wishing for.

We’ve updated HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD.(HINDUNILVR) for you to go in long side as mentioned from chart level. Well, I’ve found the stock that presents not only an opportunity for massive gains in a single day, but even easier gains for traders who like to look for the medium-term (short hold) profits. Look at the chart closely.

This stock has a history of giving its traders and investors Profit so you need to start preparing right now for…866 nearby.


Bajaj-Auto: again there is the potential to capitalize…

In previous chart of bajaj-auto, we accurately predicted 111 points profit. Now, there is the potential to capitalize on the swimming upside of 120-270 points in 3-5 tradings. 1st of all, look at the chart to find your trading level.


Well, my new pick looks ready for some insane action at mentioned level in chart.


It can be assumed that this is the best time to trade between 2848-2772 for targets 2895-2978


faultless update for Nifty future can give profit.

In past past, we have enjoyed the profit. but more important is Now A Days could turn out to be a day of triple-digit profits in option trading.

Since few weeks, we’ve not provide you double up profits in option trading for FREE, but now?

Exactly what my readers have been asking for. You wanted a OPTION trade that could double or triple in a single day? Well, this ****** not only has what it takes, but it’s done it before and today looks like it could do it again. First of all, just this nifty future chart closely.


This is daily chart to understand the direction of nifty but, herein you have found with information selling single. For more deep and close watch, you also have to check where should you ACT?

Check out below chart is for the hourly of nifty future September.


In the hourly, you have found levels for trade. We will generate live calls for Subscribers, if time permit i will update for you DOUBLE and TRIPE money targets calls.

Updated Nifty future chart on 26th Sept, 2016


Purpose of this chart is only to you finding best next trade level for you. Lot of media and experts are advising to sell nifty now, so be careful at 8660 nearby.

This trading calls for Subscribers only. Updated on 3rd, Oct 2016 (Time: 1:30 PM)


nifty trader can try one more time around 8711…

In last time updated for Nifty future was successfully completed targets.  Click here for the last update. Yes, We’ve also provided TCS NSE cash call for buy for Subscribers only.

Here is, Depth analysis on nifty future with the chart. Look at this closely for understating of further direction.


Nifty is at long term support and we already taken advantage of this pattern earlier. You can try one more 8711 around with strictly stoploss of 20-25 points if opportunity generate. According to the chart, High scope to be inconstancy OR volatile. There’re more important to watch opening time with Eagle eye.

nifty sep


We give a last update on nifty future intraday level…Our target was at 9004 which missed 14 points two times with made high of 8989…Global market was traded down (22 to 36 negative), nifty can open down and move to up as per chart Red flag pattern. for swimming traders of best can try to catch 8619 nearby but, if break 8600 then free fall expected.

nifty sep

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Buy NF @ opening 8709 to 8722 with stoploss 8688 targets  8793-8802 and 8842-8888