Nifty chart is focuses on changing in direction…

Nifty future is found good amount of recovery. As per the chart you will one more good level for selling. First, look at the chart closely.


Nifty future sell between 8730-8745 around and stoploss 8768 and targets 8645-8617

Updated date 26th, Oct. 2016 (time : 8 O’ clock morning)

I don’t proclaim every time nifty future follow my levels but, this Nifty future have it with high of 8748. Remember that previous alert of nifty fut was perfectly mentioned to short 8746.

I believe it can provide you small profit if not sustain above 8715 in morning.


There’re nothing much here except target 8644 and 8568… Or upside above 8755 above…


Quickly building up towards a day of big profits from MFSL…

Herein, going to update some of experiencing a massive increase in activity & as momentum builds YOU could profit.

Momentum trades have become a staple in winning strategies…

This alert is special and it’s the type that requires immediate & swift action. Why? Because momentum is quickly building up for this stock and that’s important for anyone looking to book profits in one day.

Momentum helps traders book gains because it means that interest in the stock already exists and traders are willing to buy the stock and bet that it’s going higher.


This is chart of Max FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD(MFSL) equity market only. This stock can surge in coming days.


You have to watch and put ALERT of breaking Surge Protector daily… and act whenever it break. I will update for subscribers.

This stock is good for trading if you act at right time only, Remember its good if you act at right time only… You have to watch from opening if you wanna to trade on it. First, look at the chart and note down levels.


This call was in Locked for Subscribers

buy bharti airtel in future 304.5 to 301.5 with stoploss 298 and targets 316 and 321



CEAT stock: this is the one to watch

Mynewest trade idea, CEAT , presents us with an opportunity for significant downside over the short term. The exact amount of downside and amount of profits for grabs totals an amazing 75-123 points—all or most of which you can grab the profit in couple of day. First, look at the chart for the trade level and with risk factor.


As per chart researched, this stock has good opportunity to sell 1400 nearby. There’re risk is involved 1410 above closing. Two type of targets are mentioned in chart. If you want to trade, Risk and reward ration is good gap.


MCDOWELL: Don’t miss out on what could be the biggest percentage gainer

There’s no sugarcoating it… You have already seen Hindunilvr, Bajaj-Auto, nifty future etc.

Don’t miss out on what could be the biggest percentage gainer in the entire MCDOWELL in coming days. If you look in chart closely, then you can see movement of this stock high volatile with zigzag format.


High of today’s is 2593, we wanted to see this stock nearby this level. Well, I think till this stock is to watch and wait for exact trade. We’ve found selling level in chart.

This call given to paid subscribers.

Sell this stock 2552-2563 with stoploss of 2578 targets 2468-2459 stock future