Are the Bulls ruled out from market? Confirm your self.

As such, we are urging all of our subscribers just wait for first hour of trading and trade only when Resistance Or Support are triggered by Nifty. Look the chart for intraday and trend confirmation levels. Note all numbers on paper AND have it up on your trading screen this morning when the clock strikes 9:15 morning.


You have resistance 9875 nearby with respect of support 9797 intraday…! Having all the necessary researched done on NIFTY with the resistance at 9875 and 9897 nearby for short seller and target possible now 9736 after after closing 9826.

Trading Cherries for you and You should not miss it.

stock-futureHerein few trading cherries stock are help you get some profit if you consider at right time. If possible, I will update every some scripts for you, kindly comment here if you like these stocks.

Put the alert of 2640, after breaking it you can take advantage of 2607 to 2577. Yes, this stock is bearish 2700 below.
In otherword, Bullish only above 2700 above!



This will be fourth day if it closed in green. (NSE Stock Fut.)
Between the 1118 and 1125, buyers will take their enter with risk of 1113 (low of day), this stock has all time high at 1187. Suppose to cross it, then you can much more profit 1200+.


JINDALSTEEL (NSE stock future)
140 to 141 is best level for seller if this stock unble to cross 142.5. Suppose that, Jindalsteel is bearish then, you can choose target 131-126 very soon.


HINDALO (NSE stock future)
This stock has great parallel resistance point 207/208 nearby, yes… traders will short this stock for 3-5 trading secession targets 199 and 191 for deep.



Weekly overview of markets for our next highly profitable trade idea.

Almost all advisors believe that market is till positive, but in our last update CLICK HERE we had given sold level as 9700 nearby. We will continue to monitor if NF cross the level 9736 above for bullish. Make sure you keep your eye on again chance to sell it?

Observe the NF chart and note down the levels given in chart will lead you get profit.


Hey, Dont miss 9615 to 9627 level where long traders are try to buy NF but, Suppose to break 9600, then Free expected in this week.


You have concentrate few events for direction of NF due to live market.

  • Wensday 12th July 2017, 5:30 PM, Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data for may.
  • Wensday 12th July 2017, 5:30 PM, Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for june.
  • Thursday 13th July 2017, 1:45 PM, China Trade Balance (USD) for june.
  • Friday 14th July 2017, 12:00 PM, Wholesale Price Index (WPI) data for June.




Is this not a wrong decision if you’re selling nifty future?

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We have a good feeling that shares of NIFTY future will continue to see a nice move in price as a result of any positive news delivered but, now we have found the SELL area of it. Look at the chart…!


Are you waiting for Sell? then watch this level will help you to earn in option trading.